Theme camps are groups of friends or soon to become friends that get together and create amazing experiences on the playa. And everything they bring is created and organized by the participants. It’s up to you to decide if you want to start or join a theme camp, or you’d rather go free camping.

Already there is an amazing, crazy selection of Theme Camps that have joined the flock. It promises to be a flooded meadow full of interactive art, banter and joy.  Take a look at all the theme camps who are present at Where the Sheep Sleep 2018. And hey, there is always room for more… Do you want to start your own theme camp?


50 )'( 50 Camp

We Shine & We Share! We have a bar that makes you think Kaboemmmm and an Art peace Fin-Wiy-Mas a colorful 3 m wooden statue!


Barbie Death Camp

Barbie Death Camp and Wine Bistro is the best-damned camp on the playa, where membership has its benefits’

The big question is: what will we bring to WtSS this year…. No, not the pink church again. That would be too easy. What we do have so far is a real fire truck with a Barbie Fire Brigade on board. A jazz lounge with tuned piano and comfy seats to perform and chill. And 24/7 DJs – with silent disco after 11 PM. We serve the best food on the playa and offer as much booze as you can drink. The Barbie Box where you can get your shop window picture taken. We will undoubtedly think of much, much more before the 26th of July. And of course, you are more than welcome to bring your ideas, your art, your performances and your music, too. Come and join us for a really good time at WtSS 2018. Use the contact link to register.


Boombastic Camptastic

The Boombastic-Looktastic make-up and refreshment area will be return to the WTSS playa. A guitar and singer will be brought along, and of course the morning coffee-service. But with some new participants lining up, we are also thinking about some additional activities…


Everyday We Waffling

Come by for your morning dose of waffles, Nutella and bananas!


Horny Unicorn

The Horny Unicorns

We are a small chill camp with a very mixed group of people, all nationalities and level of burner experience are welcome.

Our hobbies include riding unicorns and watching uniporn. Apart from unicorne related hobbies we also plan on organising activities like: hippy fishing, yoga, breakdance and we plan to make a little chill / spacy place with trippy visuals and some fresh fruit & water.

Feel welcome to visit us anytime. If you got excited and can’t wait to grab your unicorne out of the clauset and ride it to where the sheep sleep than don’t hesitate and contact us to see if you could join our theme camp!

We are planning to do common dinners (vegetarian with optional meat) and we accept last minute applications. Just send us a message with a short introduction about yourself, ideas for things wou’d like to do / contribute this burn and also anything we could help you out with. We have some dutch guys in the camp so if you need to borrow a tent / anything else that can be arranged!

Open for application: FULL


Pebbles & BamBam

A nice, peaceful, happy, fantasy place where children and their patents are welcome to have a beautiful Sheep experience. A place where families become to learn and experience each other in a lovely, happy, sometimes emotional way.

Contact: mail sonja
Website: check Facebook



Our camp is the refueling station for the Poflove mobile poffertjes car, the smallest art car in the world!

Snark Ville

Snark Ville

Snark Ville is a camp based on the poem The Hunting of the Snark. Feel free to read the poem at our camp, written by Lewis Carroll (in Dutch or English) and let faith decide which Lewis Carroll you are. 

What more is there to do at our kids friendly camp…?

  • Laidback tinkering workshops
  • Project Absolem (remember the caterpillar form Alice….)
  • Cooperation wit Men Who Stare At Wood (MSWAW)
  • A Flaming Man
  • Cinema, with inspirational Burning man related movies
  • Trampoline
  • The Radical Self Reliance Centre
  • Pancakes or smoothies or tosties or soup or coffee
  • Photo expo, Art cars at Burning Man
  • Ruilwinkel (tbc)

And more to come!


Thunder Burners

We are The Thunder Burners and we organise a theme camp that provides Art (Tunnel vision & more!), drinks @ the Black Sheep Bar, music, hugs and much much more for the all the lovely citizens of Where the Sheep Sleep with the mission to have fun in a welcoming and comfortable environment to chill, relax, drink, and dance!

We already have a bunch of enthusiastic members, but there is still room for more.


Tiger & Wolf – Magical Forest

Where wandering sheep get enchanted, lost sheep find a home, and the wolves dance along with Roodkapje (‘Red Riding’). We pride ourselves to be inclusive to ALL sheep, wether it’s a lost Snow White, a unicorn prince or a rainbow sparkle pony! And let’s be honest, everybody loves a sexy Black Sheep.

Tiger&Wolf is back for Where the Sheep Sleep 2018, and this year we offer a truly magical forest! We’ll serve all your needs and wishes, with enchanting workshops, bewitched drinks, bewildering performances and the one and only wild-hearted Leopard Mafia Parade to make the jungle-life complete. Join us on a party that would not misfit the Tiroler mountain forests, or wander through our enchanted jungle at dawn. Stay tuned for our full programme which we will reveal closer to date!


Wie knabbelt er aan mijn …

Last year we were the biggest combined camp without a name. We have Hans & Grietje and Coen & Sander so that’s a good start for a fairytale. We make you feel at home, just relaxed and share.



Ye olde advice booth!

All matters relating to life, work, the meaning of the universe and more…


Iacta Alea

Embrace your fate! We aim to set up a camp in which you make as little choices as possible, and let fate decide instead (tools like dice, coin flips, magic eight balls etc will be available to facilitate this). The general ambiance should be fun, but still relaxed. A place where tired sheep can rest up after a long night, but also a place where they can enjoy the freedom of choice for the entire night.

The centerpiece of the camp will be the “wishing tree” (working title), an interactive art project where anyone can hang a (simple) wish on a necklace, waiting for fate to bump you into someone who can help you with it. We will hang all come true wishes on the tree and end up with a testament to all wishes come true 🙂

  • contact
  • open for applicants: YES


Men Who Stare At Wood, BC workshops, kids crea hangout, clothing work, some music but not at night. Interactive, theatrical sculpture and kids friendly hangout zone


Sentella The International Theme Camp

Marshmallows, our favorite gift!!! We are coming in sparkle pony mode, the camp is gonna be tiny. This will be Sentella’s fourth burn.



Piep Piep in da Corner

We’ll make you fart sparkles, cant tell… secret ..


Herbal Heroes presents: the Herbal Medicine Cabinet a.k.a. De Nachtapotheker

Just laid-back tunes mate & random fun things. We’re a tiny camp of friends. We bring herbal Remedies for everything from sleepless nights to terrible dreams. A rainbow tipi around which we occasionally read bedtime stories to kids. And we would like to bring a grill so we can share our world-famous grilled vegetables with the Flock.