Meet the Theme Camps of Where the Sheep Sleep

The theme camps at Burning Man Netherlands – Where the Sheep Sleep, are the heartbeat of the event. They are the cozy cores, the interactive igloos, the sharing shelters.

Passionate and determined individuals collaborate to construct welcoming spaces for everyone who attends BMNL. The other-worldly atmosphere crafted by these organised camps sets the tone and character of this enchanted event in our plushy meadow playa.

Fancy chilling out in a jazz lounge? Feel like a rejuvenating bounce on a trampoline? Want to chow down some delicious poffertjes with your fellow Sheep friends? Have a wish you’d like to cast and then willingly allow fate to take over?

There are theme camps for all of the above!

Lots of the 2018 camps are open to new applicants. So, if you’d like to join a theme camp and become a team member, you are invited to do exactly that! Check our listing for each theme camp’s description, which ones are open to new members and how to get in contact. You are also welcome and encouraged to start your own theme camp. There are oodles of options.


Some of the theme camps preparing for this year’s event have attended the previous two Sheeps too. Other theme camps are embarking upon their maiden voyage this year. This allows the experienced burners to share their reliable knowledge and integrate with the fresh perspectives of virgin burners.

As the excitable energy rumbles through theme camp brainstorming sessions, and gathers momentum, we asked some camps a few questions about their visions and feelings and to share their expert advice for the approaching event next month.

We sat down with 50 )’( 50 Camp, Thunder Burners, and Tiger & Wolf.

Gespiegelde Hartstocht

Name: Gespiegelde Hartstocht Artist: Ronald Sponselee Size: 2 meter high A big turning heart with small mirrors on it, love each other or yourself   Don’t miss out, get your ticket here!

ART: Medallions

Name: Medallions Artist: Ronald Sponselee Size: 1.20 meter high Several big (120 cm) medallions build out of wood with mirrors on the back and lights on the in and outside!   Don’t [...]

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What is your single favourite thing about Where the Sheep Sleep?

50 )’( 50 Camp
Everybody is shining and sharing!

Thunder Burners
The feeling of community is what I find the most special about every burn I go to. But since the Netherlands is my home country, it is a wonderful way to connect with each other. The location also ads a lot of magic; the green of the grass, the trees surrounding it! It’s just perfect!

Tiger & Wolf
That’s easy – the vibe. Every burn has its own feel and this is definitely true for Where the Sheep Sleep. It’s the Netherlands, civilization is never far away and we don’t have deserts. This makes WtSS accessible, safe and playful. It’s like a family weekend where every member is the black sheep of this happy functional dysfunctional family.

What are you most excited for visitors to your theme camp to experience/see/feel there?

50 )’( 50 Camp
To see Hun-Kui-Lin* in real life! And of course our Boem Bam Bar.

Thunder Burners
We are preparing a lot of awesome stuff this year, small and big! But I’m most excited to see all the artwork and decoration coming together. We are working on the black sheep bar and have collected over 60 stuffed sheep.  This will be the centerpiece of our camp.

Of course, we are the Thunder Burners so be prepared for lightning and fire! Also, we are creating a chill-out tent.

Tiger & Wolf
Of course, we have great entertainment planned and created a beautiful magical forest. But what sets us apart is the way we mix extravaganza, with moments to reflect and seizing the moment. Last year we spontaneously created our own temple, made people a little bit more aware of their sense of immediacy and ended up playing a big role at the closing ceremony because of it. We are the camp to go to for diversity, immediacy, and self-expression!


If your theme camp was an animal, what would it be?

50 )’( 50 Camp
A multi-colored colibri!

Thunder Burners
A black sheep!

Tiger & Wolf
Our animal is the love child of the Tiger and Wolf, combining the vibrant and graceful appearance of the Tiger with the pack attitude of and mystery surrounding the Wolf.

Of the 10 Guiding Principles, which ones are at the core of your theme camp and how can we expect to see these come alive in your camp?

50 )’( 50 Camp
Self-expression and Immediacy. Come and see!

Thunder Burners
Inclusion! A lot of our meetings are about how can we make our camp a home for all of us – the night owls and the early birds. We are preparing a day and night program with morning circles and workshops during the day. A costume camp and lots of music and magical artworks at night!
Because we have a rather big group of international burners coming we are preparing evening meals and a kitchen. It makes it just a little easier if you are coming from abroad if all those things are taken care of.

Tiger & Wolf
Our camp has adopted all of them, but the core has to be immediacy. It’s how it started and how it has thrived so far. The ability to seize the moment and create momentum!


What perhaps unexpected things are on your packing list to take with you to Sheep?

50 )’( 50 Camp
800 pieces of multi-colored wood. Matches.

Thunder Burners
Pfoe! It’s a burn so you have to prepare for everything. Cold, wet, warm. It’s the Netherlands so the weather goes in every direction. Labels and a pen! It’s no fun to lose something, so labeling your stuff makes it easy for you to find.

Tiger & Wolf
That has to be our fully equipped gourmet kitchen and exotic supplies for our chef-cook, René.

In 5 words or less, what would you say to prepare someone who has never been to a Burning Man event?

50 )’( 50 Camp
Learn to fly!!!!

Thunder Burners
Take care of yourself first!(Lots of new burners stress on the gifting part, but first take care of yourself). Gifting is not only making something physical. It can be more!

Tiger & Wolf
Take the plunge, emerge renewed…

A giant THANK YOU to all the camps who contributed to this article. And don’t forget, these are just 3 of the already 14 camps enlisted to amaze you at Where the Sheep Sleep!

We are so looking forward to seeing the creativity, inspiration and devotion shape the essential center of Where the Sheep Sleep 2018.


“A lot of our meetings are about how can we make our camp a home for all of us – both night owls and early birds”

~ Thunder Burners

“What sets us apart is the way we mix extravaganza, with moments to reflect”

~ Tiger & Wolf