Good 2 Know!

Burn events like Where the Sheep Sleep are not your run of the mill festival. Based on the 10 principles of Burning Man, there are a couple of essential differences, that make Burns such amazing experiences! READ ON!

These are the most important need 2 knows for an amazing burn experience at Where the Sheep Sleep.

Getting there:
Directions by car or RV: For navigation systems enter the following address: Sportpark Orderbos in Apeldoorn. Exiting the highway A1 at exit 19, follow the road on the Europalaan, Laan van Spitsbergen and turn to the Sportlaan all the way to Sportpark Orderbos.

What is provided?

A place to be, a place to pee & poop, some drinking water taps and a place where greywater can be disposed. Community power (up to max 100m away from you) and some kitchen tents (with tables and a simple gas stove). That is all that is provided for you.
Everything else, including, but not limited to, food, drinks, extension chords, sound system, shelter, candy, art, hugs, clothing, music, performances, medical supplies (there is a project called the EHBO with certified first-aid on shifts), fire safety (please follow the instructions from the NL chief of the fire safety), common sense, cleaning, loving and dancing will be up to the citizens of WtSS to provide.

No Commerce

You cannot buy, sell, trade, promote or barter anything. WtSS is a place of sharing and free exchange within a gift economy. A real gift is given and received without any expectation of reciprocation. That said, don’t feel expected to give what you cannot or will not.
In short; No food trucks, no beer tokens, no ready-made-beds! 

Bring Your Own Cup (BYOC)

WtSS is a BYOC-event, meaning that you are supposed to bring and take responsibility for your own cup, bowl and cutlery. There will be many participants offering food or drinks and if all of them bring disposable utensils it adds unnecessary strain on both our event and our planet. BYOC solves this problem.

Leave No Trace

It’s one of our core principles. No trash receptacles are provided. Please take everything you bring to the event, back home with you: pack it in, bring it out – every last tiny scrap. Never ever let trash hit the ground, but clean up as you go. If it is your cigarette butt, grey water, beer can or decoration: it goes home with you. Pack bin bags to separate your waste and use as much recyclable materials as you can.
No MOOP (Matter Out Of Place), so leave your feathers and loose glitters at home!

Porta-Potties (or ‘Dixies’)

If It Wasn’t In By Your Body, Don’t Put It In The Potty.
Portable toilets are provided and emptied regularly. Use these facilities only for their intended purpose, not for dumping garbage or grey or black water. Putting anything but human waste and one-ply toilet paper (2-ply is a big no-no) in the potties makes pumping nearly impossible.
No tampons, trash or wipes! Control odors by putting the lid down. Do not dump grey or black water in the potties (nor on site): doing so will fill them up too fast and result in disgusting toilets for everyone. Do not defecate or urinate on our playa; it is illegal and an unpleasant mess for everyone. Also do not dispose of your (chemical) toilets on the event site. Take it home and empty it the decent way.


Cars that are not an essential part of the art and creativity of WtSS (mutant vehicles/art cars) should be parked in the designated parking area.
Buy your parking tickets together with your entry ticket.
RV’s can stay on the designated area on site, but you also need a separate ticket – and the amount available is limited.