Creating a Safe Space

One of the core principles of any Burner event is radical self-expression. To be encouraged to explore your own boundaries in safe and accepting environment. This can only be achieved if these basic rules are met.


WtSS is a pro-consent event. We believe that consent plays a vital part in our connectivity and community. Ensure all sides are mutually consensual prior to physical encounters (i.e hugging, groping, spanking); as are scent-sual encounters (i.e any smelly, oily or other substances applied to the skin); or sexual encounters. Consent must be clearly granted from an individual who is clearly in control of their faculties enough to grant it.
Obstructive behavior
Obstructive and aggressive behavior, not contributing to the joined festivities are neither appreciated nor allowed. Participants, Shephards, volunteers and security can AND will work together to create a safe and happy space for all.
Continued misconduct will result in removal from the event.


We are not a festival and unlike many traditional festivals, Where the Sheep Sleep (WtSS) is an entirely participant-driven event. The WtSS participants make the event what it is. YOU are responsible for your experience. No spectators!
The event is organized by all participants as volunteers.
That’s why we ask every participant to volunteer. One Burner, one shift!
Photography and video
Film and photography is only allowed with full consent of ‘the subject’ and within this policy for the “use of images”.
Only small pocket size cameras are allowed on the terrain (no cameras with changeable lenses or SLR cameras). During the event photos and film could be taken of visitors for the purpose of non-profit goals by Burning Man Foundation: you’ll recognize those cameras by a remarkable tag.

Press and Media

Burning Man Netherlands – “Where the Sheep Sleep” is a private event, and photographers, videographers and documentarians wishing to capture images intended for public distribution are required to submit a proposal and sign use agreements prior to the event.

Personal Safety

Our event site can potentially be a challenging environment; come prepared to confront and be responsible for your own survival. It’s dark on the site — stay safe: illuminate yourself, your bike, and your artwork and/or camp at night. You are responsible for You. Please view the what to bring and not to bring checklist and the do’s and don’ts.