2019 news

ART: Elephantine

Art transcends boundaries, cultures and even continents. As Burners, we know this as fact. But this work of art is in a league of its own. And it’s coming to the Sheep! When creative Russian [...]


Manlight moon is a piece of my journey! As the artist and nomad that I am I am constantly connecting to my surroundings and inspired by the beauty, the struggle, the love and the sounds of [...]

ART: MansterVille – The Propane Punk Circus

Want fire, metal and whirling mechanics? MansterVille – The Propane Punk Circus by Inspirokracie has everything you need! And they are inviting YOU: Everybody who wants to get involved is [...]


Imagine for a moment… one cosy tiny tent … warmly lit, with squishy cushions surrounding you …  you’re totally alone … except for one talented musician, serenading YOU! A moment [...]

ART: Fenrir

It’s confirmed! Meet Fenrir a.k.a. Wolfie! He will look out over us on The Sheep this year! But be wary, he got a bit of a temper! Special thanx Daniël Joshua Den Boogert + Atelier Rust [...]

Winners Art Jump

We’re beyond thrilled to announce THE WINNERS OF THE 2019 BURNING MAN NETHERLANDS ART JUMP GRANTS! … The drums roll like thunder and the anticipation mounts to an almighty [...]

PERFORMANCE: Storyteller, Heart to Heart

André Hörmann – Storyteller, Heart to Heart For me where the sheep sleep is all about connection, connection, connection. It’s a lifelong challenge as far as I m concerned: coming out of my [...]

THEME CAMPS: Sharing Shelters for Sheep

  THEME CAMPS (aka DREAM CAMPS) are the heartbeat of Where the Sheep Sleep. Passionate and determined Burners collaborate to create amazingly welcoming interactive spaces for every Burner [...]


The universe is knocking at your door ‘The Hague Heartbreaker’ Doctor Wim Behre A licensed practitioner of sounds & grooves. Wim Behre continues to offer NON-STOP MAGIC via [...]


We are the “Psychedelic Jam Reggae Rock Crossover Free Improvisation TechYes PART I”-act and we’ll bring it on🙏🏼🥁🧘🏼‍♂️🧘🏾‍♂️🥁 Bassguitar: Marnix Lippmann (aka “Lippi”) Drums & [...]


Heartfelt songs, intimate performance and some interaction on the stories and setlist with Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies. Grab some of the percussion and play and sing along to your [...]