2019 news

Winners Art Jump

We’re beyond thrilled to announce THE WINNERS OF THE 2019 BURNING MAN NETHERLANDS ART JUMP GRANTS! … The drums roll like thunder and the anticipation mounts to an almighty [...]

2018 news

The Charms of the Burn

In the build-up to Where the Sheep Sleep, Dutch newspapers ran an item this Thursday on the beauty, addiction, weirdness and beyond coolness of a Burn. Don’t worry if you missed it, you can [...]

Arrival and Exodus

Arrival and Exodus Arrival Like it ought to be at an event like this, you need to take some effort to get there :-). The site itself is not reachable by car. The car needs to be parked in the [...]

Gespiegelde Hartstocht

Name: Gespiegelde Hartstocht Artist: Ronald Sponselee Size: 2 meter high A big turning heart with small mirrors on it, love each other or yourself   Don’t miss out, get your ticket here!

ART: Medallions

Name: Medallions Artist: Ronald Sponselee Size: 1.20 meter high Several big (120 cm) medallions build out of wood with mirrors on the back and lights on the in and outside!   Don’t [...]

Our Ten Guiding Principles

People intrigued by the notion of Burning Man often ask me “What is it like there?” My answers to this question usually involve me telling some whacky story from AfrikaBurn. Like the time 1,500 [...]

PERFORMANCE | Julie Scott​

Scottish born musician Julie Scott has lived in Holland almost her whole life, and yet you can still hear her Celtic roots when she sings. While being inspired by artists like David Bowie, Mark [...]

What? Where? When?

Who’s playing? Where’s that cool workshop? Why am I lost? Former editions of Where the Sheep Sleep came with a magical little booklet that held all the answers. It was created by and for people [...]


The musicians of Maktub will be joining us, one of the most beautiful music projects of this last year. Listening to the set of Maktub is an emotional experience, hopefully raising awareness for [...]

PERFORMANCE | Qeaux Qeaux Joans

​Beautiful singer, pianist​ and altogether amazing musician ​Qeaux Qeaux Joans ​will seduce us in her nocturnal dreamworld, outside where the story of the listener is translated into music. The [...]

Themecamp Stories

Fancy chilling out in a jazz lounge? Feel like a rejuvenating bounce on a trampoline? Have a wish you’d like to cast and then willingly allow fate to take over? There are theme camps for all of [...]

ART | Come build (and Burn) the Man with us!

Come build and burn the Man with us!   The Man Grant: For this year’s Sheep we are looking for a team that wants to build The Man. Are you up for the task to form a crew to build the man? Do [...]

NEWS | Volunteers raise your hands!

Volunteers raise your hands! The quickest way to scoring extra karma points (and friends for life): Pick up a volunteer-shift at Where the Sheep Sleep! Even though everything at WtSS is created [...]

Art | The Swing (de Schommel

Name: The Swing Artist: Martin Venema Description: VR swing Imagine 40 meters of rope from the ceiling and swinging through a giant medieval church. Just a silent moment of enjoyment and [...]

News | LocationLocationLocation

Imagine a flowing green meadow that just eagerly awaits to become your playground for 4 days! Surrounded by beautiful trees that are either the entry to a magical forest, the canvas for [...]

Performance | Maaike Peterse

Enchanting Cello Goddess Maaike Peterse will captivate us with her music … Arguably one of the most passionate and versatile musicians in the Netherlands, she plays everything, from [...]

Performance | Remco Visker

The fantastic guitarist Remco Visker will not only surprise you with outrageous leopard skin outfits, but also with all kinds of jam sessions and delicious campfire sessions. Because Remco is a [...]

All the Forms Unite

To have the Right Information reach the Right People to make the Right things Happen, we sadly have to use all these forms. If there was any other way we would do it… #BlessedDay But to [...]

How to Festival without a trace

Festivals are having a hard time minimizing their eco-footprint. With massive amounts of garbage, bottles, abandoned tents and general recklessness of their visitors, that seems like easier said [...]

ART: La Vie En Rose | Through Rose Colored Glasses

Name: La Vie En Rose Artist: Daniella Rubinovitz Scale: 4 meters wide x 1.7 meters tall x 4.4 meters deep FMI: check the website Our experience shifts when we look out through a frame, such as [...]

ART: Rose | Passing Thoughts

Name: Rose – Passing Thoughts Artist: Robin van der Mijl Size: 1.70 meter tall FMI: check Kickstarter A weathered steel head standing 1,70 meters high, built out of +90 ribs and weighing [...]