Theme camps are groups of friends or soon to become friends that get together and create amazing experiences on the playa. And everything they bring is created and organized by the participants. It’s up to you to decide if you want to start or join a theme camp, or you’d rather go free camping.

Already there is an amazing, crazy selection of Theme Camps that have joined the flock. It promises to be a flooded meadow full of interactive art, banter and joy.  Take a look at all the theme camps who are present at Where the Sheep Sleep 2019. And hey, there is always room for more… Do you want to start your own theme camp?


Barbie Death Camp

Barbie Death Camp and Wine Bistro is the best damned camp on the playa, where membership has its benefits.

For the third year in a row we bring a veteran Burningman Nevada theme camp to Where The Sheep Sleep.  Barbie Death Camp & wine bistro is officially licensed by the mayors of BDC Nevada Black Rock City.

Our members are creators, volunteers and participants for various art, music and other installations. 

At our camp we serve breakfast (if you are awake) and every day family dinners (prepared by a professional chef). 

This year we bring back the legendary Pink Church – with 24/7 music (and maybe another wedding?).

We have the Pink Pussy Piano Bar with softdrinks, beer and pink cocktails.

We’re excited you’re joining us! Fill in this application form.

Contact: info@barbiedeathcamp.nl

Facebook: www.facebook.com/barbiedeathcampWtSS/


Circus of Life

If you surround yourself with clowns, don’t be surprised when your life resembles a circus! Our circus opens everyday to offer people an amazing time. It’s all about the experience. Complete with different characters, attractions and lots of love. We also offer workshops like:

  • Yoga classes
  • Tarrot-readings
  • (Poem) Writing class
  • Jims listening ear
  • Disney hour

Camp EUS

Wij zijn een open kamp, als je met je kamper bij ons wilt komen staan ben je natuurlijk welkom, wij staan op het camper terrein, want alleen daar mogen de campers staan.
Al je eten en drinken wel graag zelf meenemen.
We gaan een kookeiland creëren met een grote BBQ.
Dus niet moeilijk doen, gooi je vlees erop, pak je biertje, ga zitten, sta op en haal je vlees er weer vanaf.
Er zal een klein bedrag worden gevraagd om het kamp aan te kleden en alles te realiseren, denk aan houtskool, huur tenten, lichtjes heel veel, hout, stroom en de investeringen die al zijn gedaan.
Meld je aan via de Facebook pagina, want we gaan een indeling maken en wij moeten aan de organisatie doorgeven hoe, wat, waar en waarom, dus hoeveel plek wij nodig hebben.
Tentjes mogen over het hele terrein staan waar ze willen, wij hebben verder geen plek meer voor tentjes, helaas vol! We zijn zo gewild.
Kom wel lekker de vlees op de BBQ gooien.

The small and open camp EUS! We are an open camp, if you want to come to us with your camper you are of course welcome, we are on the camper terrain, because only there may the campers stand.
we don’t have room for tents anymore, Come and throw the meat on our shared BBQ.


Home Sweet Home – by TinyPartyProductions.

We are with a group of about ten people, but might grow larger still.
We bring warm tunes and cold drinks, but are also into yoga sessions (an instructor is present) and will bake sweet pancakes.

So in short we provide good music and run a a cold beer and wine bar, and sometimes will open up for a proper gin&tonic.

If everybody is giving, everybody is receiving.


Pebbles & BamBam

A nice, peaceful, happy, fantasy place where children and their patents are welcome to have a beautiful Sheep experience. A place where families become to learn and experience each other in a lovely, happy, sometimes emotional way.

Contact: mail sonja
Website: check Facebook


Piep Piep in Da Corner

Piep Piep is a soundcamp with amazing DJ’s, Music, Fun and Love, but most important, we are playing Piep Piep in Da corner.

We cannot explain more about this activity since it’s the most secret workshop from The Sheep.
You need to be there to experience “a real Piep Piep”.
Will have a small costume camp, AND we will do a CAN CAN workshop.
This Camp will be a real Piep full of Love and happiness


Teen life

YES! This year teens will create their own campspace @BamBam & Pebbles kidsville WTSS – burningman Nederland! Because only teens knows whats best for teens! 😎👽🐑

An own spot with teenstuff: this camp will for sure KICK SOME ASS! 💪👊✊⚡️💥

So are you a teen? Be welcome to join in workshops and activities 🔫 . Feel free to grap a soda 🥤 from the teenbar or just listen to some music. 🎶🎵🎶 CAMP TEENLIFE is inviting you all!

Wanna know more or is your brain exploding because all of these perfect teencamp ideas: Feel free to share or organize. Just leave a message under this one and we will contact you!

Welcome to CAMP TEENLIFE – Robin & Luka 😎😎

Do you want to be a part of TEENLIFE? contact Bam Bam & Pebbles Kidsville.

Contact: <a href=”mailto:sotel@telfort.nl”>mail </a><a href=”mailto:sotel@telfort.nl”>sonja</a>
Website: <a href=”https://www.facebook.com/groups/368573293614156/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>check Facebook</a>


Thick Fat Doei

We are not sure 🤔 maby it’s better to not reading this at all. 🤣🤣🤣 or…….. what??? 🧚‍♀️❤🤷‍♀️ oh oh here we go!@#$& there comes te noise, to loud! pfff lucky you 💤 we’ve got a peace full “stilte zone” 🤫 oh and than the L.Y.G. 🤩🤩🤩 be ready, be loved, be …. be….. be….🤯🤯🤯 sleep, eat, dance#$@!👯‍♂️Thick fat doei 😍😍😍 See ya at Burningman nederland WTSS🐏🐑

Yess open for where open for otters: see facebook


Thunder Burners

The Thunder Burners are a bunch of happy campers since 2017. We are a camp where everybody could and should feel welcome. As a bunch of enthusiastic burners, we create a safe, weird and welcoming home away from home at Where the Sheep Sleep with room for direct and immediate contact.

With solid logistics, we create a place to rest, eat and dance.  More than anything else, for us, a burn is about connecting with other human beings. Together, we create a space where everyone feels safe to be their true, lovely self!

We hope that all of you feel welcome to help and teach each other so we can have the best time. From our members, we ask you to contribute to this safe and happy place.

For everybody, there is something to do to make the life of the thunder burners better. Organize a (spontaneous) workshop, play your favorite song, appreciate the people in our camp… Help cook a warm meal or keep the camp nice and clean!

  • Form to apply
  • open for applicants: FULL
  • website
  • We are open for Workshops, Dj’s & music for non camp members! send an e-mail to thunderburners@gmail.com

Tiger & Wolf – No Label

Where wandering sheep get enchanted, lost sheep find a home, and the wolves dance along with Roodkapje (‘Red Riding’). We pride ourselves to be inclusive to ALL sheep, wether it’s a lost Snow White, a unicorn prince or a rainbow sparkle pony! And let’s be honest, everybody loves a sexy Black Sheep.




Do you know the time that you don’t want to be in a theme camp, but you end up BEING a theme camp?
Well.., welcome to Camp Walhalleluja!
We turned out to be pretty good at this.

We’ve got workshops like:

  • Shakti’s go circus
  • Ecstatic dance
  • Breathe Work + Baijiu
  • Pep & Dance (healing dance)
  • Wushu morning exercise
  • There is a tick repellent service station!
  • There will be a brunch to lunchparty every single day to start your engine.
  • There will be Chai Chill time with fresh chai tea, honest coffee and vegan banana bread and fresh tea from South Africa and Turkey.

As art and performances we bring:

  • Rusty, Max, Mojo and Wolfie (just come and see)
  • Live played DJ sets from chill out to techno.
  • Vinyl (italo) disco setup for the analogue vibe.

And last but not least;
Please take a seat in our Feel Good Chair!


What Could Possibly Go Wrong

Something will and something won’t. We don’t know 🙂
But…if you’re looking for a spot around a nice center tent, workshops, communal cooking, Paintball,
NoBucks and more, this is it. This camp is the reloaded version of SnarkVille of last year.
No plug-and-play. You will bring everything you need (and more) and leave no trace.
We will provide a large center tent, power, some tables and chairs and that’s it.
And offcourse, love, laughter, some music and all the freedom to do whatever you want.

Open for applicants: YES

More info: email “sander [at] mail.com”


Ye olde advice booth (some light advice)

Let’s face it; the world can be a damn confusing place sometimes. What if there was a camp where you can rest your worldly body and discuss the current topics in your life? Just talk about the things that you’ve already analyzed over and over again in your head to get some fresh insights?
And of course, if you are just up for some smalltalk, you are totally welcome as well.
Our advice will be classified as “some light advice” because it will be given to you under the glow of some super awesome animated LED lights driven by some even more awesome electronic trinkets. Because this world needs some more light now and again. And just because we “nerds” can.
We are a very small but cosy camp. Want to join us? Join us at our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/yeoldeadvicebooth and contact us to team up!