Ticket information – stay tuned!

Early Sheep Ticket  

An early bird might catch the worm, but the early sheep will get a charming discount. And that’s just to thank you for your enthusiasm. But, act quickly because these tickets are very limited! This Early Sheep Ticket grants you the same benefits as a Weekend Ticket (please see full details below).

Regular ticket

This is the regular ticket for everyone eager to explore the endless possibilities of this Dutch Burn. It includes your camping ticket and absolutely nothing else. Radical self reliance required!  Without the weekend ticket, you will not be granted access to the playa… Everybody needs a weekend ticket, including artists, performers and volunteers. Burning Man Netherlands is a not-for-profit organisation with an ANBI status, meaning this ticket sale funds all the grants, artists, performers and projects surrounding civic involvement.

High Income Ticket

Are you a big supporter of the arts and in a pretty rosy situation financially? Then you might want to consider becoming an instant HIT and buy a High Income Ticket! You’ll be gifting a little extra financially for the grants and activities of Burning Man Netherlands. And being a not-for-profit organisation, you can rest assured your gift will find its way to grants for amazing artists and great projects.

Campervan or RV ticket

If you plan on entering with a campervan/RV/caravan, you’ll also need a campervan/RV ticket. And for all of you ridesharing by car, a parking ticket is also required. These tickets are also available in the ticketshop.

Kids Tickets

This event is one to be experienced by every age, sex and orientation. Children especially bring that extra playful note to Where the Sheep Sleep. Kids up to 12 years old get a free entrance. Between 12 and 18 yrs need their own ticket and only in combination with an accompanying adult who has their own regular weekend ticket.

Low Income Ticket

Radical inclusion means we go out of our way to make Where the Sheep Sleep accessible to anyone, including those in less fortunate situations. Are you challenged to get the necessary funds together? Then this low income tickets is for you. They are limited, purposed ONLY for people that really need them. This programme is a courtesy to our cherished community members who also want to participate in our event, but who otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Applications will open as soon as the tickets go on sale

FAQ – Ticket price

Burning Man Netherlands was forced to increase the ticket price from last year, to EUR 147,50 this year. Two main reasons for this uptick. One is taxes. Like almost everything, taxes in the Netherlands have increased and events are not excluded. The other is our new location. The event area in Apeldoorn, as beautiful as it was, raised challenges concerning the possibilities for radical expression. Hence our search for a more accommodating location, which we have found. The only downside to this terrain is; it’s more expensive to facilitate Where the Sheep Sleep.

Being a not-for-profit organisation with an ANBI status, we take (involuntary) ticket price increases very seriously. We want to give everybody the chance of experiencing a burn on Dutch soil, grant tireless artists in their pursuit to make the most engaging art while keeping our head above financial water. This increase was necessary to achieve all of that.