Performances and workshops

From yoga to line-dancing, 8 hand-massage, tea ceremonies to tarot readings – your skills and talents are gratefully received gifts. In the spirit of self-reliance, if you want to run a workshop, event, or give a performance or talk….go forth and make it happen!

There is nothing to stop you running your event under a tree, in your tent, on a grassy knoll or whatever part of our beautiful site calls to you. However, if you are looking for a dedicated space, there are some options for you to work towards.

Details will be added to the Theme Camps page on an ongoing basis, based on the placement applications we receive, and on their willingness and availability to open their space for external workshops and performances. You are then welcome to get in touch with them directly to discuss the space they have.

PERFORMANCE | Julie Scott​

Scottish born musician Julie Scott has lived in Holland almost her whole life, and yet you can still hear her Celtic roots when she sings. While being inspired by artists like David Bowie, Mark [...]


The musicians of Maktub will be joining us, one of the most beautiful music projects of this last year. Listening to the set of Maktub is an emotional experience, hopefully raising awareness for [...]

PERFORMANCE | Qeaux Qeaux Joans

​Beautiful singer, pianist​ and altogether amazing musician ​Qeaux Qeaux Joans ​will seduce us in her nocturnal dreamworld, outside where the story of the listener is translated into music. The [...]

Performance | Remco Visker

The fantastic guitarist Remco Visker will not only surprise you with outrageous leopard skin outfits, but also with all kinds of jam sessions and delicious campfire sessions. Because Remco is a [...]