Where the Sheep Sleep

26 – 30 July

– a Burning Man Netherlands Summer Event –


Where the Sheep Sleep

Where The Sheep Sleep is more than just a celebration of community:  it is a massive, immersive, interactive playground that we all build and live in for four days. It is an opportunity for everyone to be the most amazing and unexpected version they can be.
Unlike other Dutch festivals, Where the Sheep Sleep is an entirely participant-driven event. The participants make the event what it is. That means YOU are in charge of your own experience. Spectating is too boring, remember to participate.


Theme camps are the interactive core of Where the Sheep Sleep. They create a visually stimulating environment,  provide  communal space, and opportunity for interaction.

Whether that be a gifted bar, yoga sessions, poetry reading or just a spot to cuddle and dance your ass off…

See the full list of camps that will be attending the event this year!



Art is a fundamental part of Where the Sheep Sleep. The term art is quite large, encapsulating everything from large installation structures and sculptures, sound installations, art cars, participatory workshops & live performances.



Imagine this, a wide open field as your playground and performance space, surrounded by hundreds of like-minded people eager to participate with you. It is your chance to shine in dance, comedy, singing, acting or plain buffoonery that deserves an audience!

Step up and register your performance and we will find the best time and place for you to sparkle!


Ticket Questions

Where do I buy my
Secure your weekend ticket, children ticket and or RV/Parking ticket here:
Go to ticket shop

By securing your ticket you are also legally bound to the Event Participation Agreement.

Is my ticket personal?
Your name as buyer of the ticket is stated on each ticket you secured. In that way your tickets are personal. Every participant needs their own ticket and a valid and legal ID to be shown at the gate. Tickets are scanned at the gate and transferred into a wristband. After scanning the ticket becomes invalid. Attending without your ID and a valid ticket is a threat to the legal status of the entire event, and risk us getting shut down completely.

Can I transfer event tickets?
Yes. It is possible to transfer your ticket to someone else if you are not able to attend after all. You are allowed to resell your ticket(s) at face value, or you can gift a ticket. Tickets can be used only once; once a ticket is scanned at the gate it will loses validity immediately. After scanning, you receive a wristband for entrance to the event for the whole weekend. Visitors without the proper wristband will be asked to leave.

Are day tickets available, besides the weekend tickets?
No. Where the Sheep Sleep is best when experienced from beginning to end. Dropping in for a day doesn’t contribute to the safe and open community vibe we are trying to create.

Can I get free access through the grant process?
No. Nobody gets free access, it’s a participatory event so everyone that joins WtSS needs to get themselves a ticket. Only event participants/ticketholders can apply for Art and other grants. You have to obtain a ticket for the event first, like everyone else.

Do I need a parking or RV ticket too?
Yes. A limited amount of RV and parking tickets are available. We also encourage all of our sheep to minimize their carbon footprint by car sharing and public transportations. Shuttle buses take you or your luggage to the eventsite from the parking area, which is a nature reserve and not accessible by car. RV’s do have access to the event site (follow the signs), but only if they have a valid RV-ticket and if they have ‘APK’ proof and an oil-proof container to collect any possible leakage from the motor of their RV.

Where does the money of the ticket sales go to?
First, to cover some necessary costs; rent, permits, power, toilets, transport, safety arrangements and some other small things. The rest of the money will go towards Art Grants. As a participant you will be able to apply for grants to cover expenses but they need to be confirmed by the organizational team first. Your (Art) Lead can inform you on this process.

Can underage co-creators attend
Yes, Children up to 12 years participate for free, for children between 12 and 18 years old there’s a special kids ticket. Children receive a different colour wristband since they cannot be served alcohol or cigarettes. Kids under the age of 18 may only participate when accompanied by a legal guardian!

Terrain Do's & Dont's

Burning Man Netherlands invites you to the lush terrain of Park Berg en Bos, Apeldoorn.

Are there sound restrictions?
YES; all theme camps and participants will be asked to honor the amplified sound limitations starting at 23:00. There will be a 24-hour stage for the nightsheep.

Can I start my own burn?
; Yes controlled fires are permitted at the various designated fire bowls on the terrain. No when a national dry weather alert is declared. Always ask your local Ranger for the current status!

Can I plug my Xmas lights & Smartphone in a socket?
YES; electricity is available on site and shared with all the theme camps, but we encourage the use of solar over anything! And we also encourage to leave your phone in your tent!
Note: please do NOT bring your own aggregate.

>> MORE FAQ’s on Terrain <<

Safe Space

Having an amazing time with your (new) friend (s) in an inviting space as Where the Sheep Sleep is only possible when everybody is on board! So continuous checking if agreement is still there, is essential for having the best of times.
“No.” is a complete sentence.

There are no spectators at Where the Sheep Sleep. Everybody is invited and encouraged to engage and participate in everything that’s happening at this event. But not without the described Consent taken into consideration.

Photography and video
In order to create a safe space for participants to discover their own boundaries, the use of photo and video is discouraged. In fact, more fun is to be had by looking up instead of at your phone. And if you want to take a picture, make sure everyone in frame is in agreement. As ticket buyer you also agree with our Use of Images.

NOTE: DSLR’s, professional gear and lenses are not allowed without an invitation and agreement of Burning Man Netherlands. See also >>

Press and Media 

Press, media and (semi) professional with professional gear are ONLY allowed at the event after signing the Media Agreement by Burning Man Netherlands. Based on their proposal a select group will be invited. Any other media creators who haven’t signed or aren’t invited by BMNL will be asked to delete all media and be removed from the premises.

Participants who feel limited in their participation by the presence of professional media (gear) are encouraged to notify the organization.

>> More FAQ’s on Safe Space <<

All Forms

Here is the listing of all our forms.






Good 2 Knows

What is provided?
At WtSS you’ll find a place to be, a place to pee & poo, some drinking water taps and a place where greywater can be disposed. Community power (up to max 100m away from you) and some kitchen tents (with tables and a simple gas stove).
That is all that is provided for you.

So… No food trucks, no showers, no ready-made-beds. It’s radical self-reliance!

Leave No Trace
It’s one of our core principles. No trash receptacles are provided. Please take everything you bring to the event, back home with you.

If it is your cigarette butt, grey water, beer can or decoration: it goes home with you. Pack bin bags to separate your waste and use as many recyclable materials as you can.

(no) Commerce
You cannot buy, sell, trade, promote or barter anything. WtSS is a place of sharing and free exchange within a gift economy. A real gift is given and received without any expectation of reciprocation. That said, don’t feel expected to give what you cannot or will not.

More on Decommodification

Legal Shizzle

Dutch Laws
The event is also subject to all Dutch law. Law enforcement agencies may come visit WtSS, and you risk being cited and/or arrested if you are caught breaking the law. WtSS does not promote or condone the use of illegal drugs.

ID and age limits
Upon arrival, all visitors should be able to present a valid ID and ticket. Different wristbands will be supplied for visitors over 18 and under 18. Under 18 = no alcohol!

Security is present on the entire premises, represented by voluntary supervisors and security. However we would like to emphasize to leave any valuables at home and to definitely not leave them in tents or cars.

Drugs & medication
It is illegal by law to carry or trade illegal substances, such as drugs. Police and organization will have the right to check in luggage, cars, caravans and campers.

Heavy medication, food and fluids necessary for the treatment of allergies or other diseases can only be brought in with a valid medical certificate.

Seized goods
Non-Permitted items will be (temporarily) seized by the organization. When illegal articles or substances are found, security will be alerted and the visitor could be transferred to the police.

>> More FAQ’s on LEGAL <<

Press & Media

Burning Man Netherlands – “Where the Sheep Sleep” is a private event, and photographers, videographers and documentarians wishing to capture images intended for public distribution are required to submit a proposal and sign agreements prior to the event.

Approval to shoot images at Where the Sheep Sleep is not approval to exhibit or distribute.

>>


Team behind the Sheep

Where the Sheep Sleep 2018 is a participatory event, this means that it is conceived, planned, organized and delivered by committed and enthusiastic team of volunteers. Come and meet the people behind this year’s event.

During the event, many volunteers are needed to step up and help out. Sign up as Greeter, MOOP sweeper, Info Hub Helper, Build or Striker! Without YOUR help we can’t make this work!