WtSS 2018: Shepherds of the Flock

There is no Burn event without the love, hard-working sweat and (hopefully minimized) tears from all the participants. Our gratitude is endless towards the leads who work effortlessly with all volunteers, without whom this amazing energy wouldn’t be possible.

Would you like to join the fun in realizing one of the most creative and free-spirited events in NL? Please join us!  Your energy will be very well spent!


Volunteering makes you 100% sexier and gets you loads of karma points! Next to being an essential part of the Sheep-glory, this is the best way of meeting new friends for life!


Event Shepherd

Beautiful projects are simply irresistible! Been visiting burns since 2014 and simply love participating in an event with so many creative souls.


Event Shepherd

My passion for co-creating and inclusiveness comes to a climax at burn events. Put in my best so everybody gets the most magical experience possible is my goal. See you in the greens!


Event Shepherd

Comms Lead Robin

Robin (MrPandora)

Communications Lead
Burning Man Netherlands



Volunteer Lead


Art / Build Lead

Ronald (Cap’n)

Theme Camp Lead

Bart Ranger Lead

Bart (Baba)

Rangers lead

Burning since 2014, adept at Radical Inclusion and trying to be as open-minded as possible while respecting both your limits and my own limits!


Music Lead


Performance Lead

Denise Gate lead

Denise (Angel)

Lead Gate / Greeters

I am an Amsterdam based burner. My first burn was in 2016, the first where the sheep sleep and I felt in love with the community. I love to create, connect and share love.
See you on the green lawns of the sheep or in the Spanish dust!