Get involved

By purchasing a ticket, you’re committing to participate in the ongoing creation of this community, along fundamental principles & guidelines.

…and there’s no aspect of creating an experience that you can’t get involved with! Whether toting a radio with our heroic rangers team, building essential infrastructure, greeting the sheep arrivals, creating décor and signage, or drafting genius web content, volunteers are the lifeblood of our community, and the best possible way to immerse yourself in the Burn experience. Links to sign-up as ranger, greeter, build or strike will be op shortly.

This is your chance to participate and co-create what will become Where the Sheep Sleep 2020

Are you either a very welcoming and hospitable person or strong and structured? Maybe you are a performer with a great network or just a very caring person? Either way, great chance we‘re looking for you! For Lead and co-lead possitions go to: participate.burningman.nl

All the forms – stay tuned!

Looking for a specific form & link? Then look no further! Here are the links to toute les FORMS:

  • What Where When Guide
    Offering workshops during Where the Sheep Sleep? Planning a demonstration? Doing performing arts nobody should miss? A gift everybody can come collect? In this form you can enter all the details you want to share, and we will make sure they will be put in print, how cool is that!
  • Themecamp
    Do you want to organise your own theme camp at the sheep? This is the place to get started:
  • Performance & Live music (no dj):
    For everyone with a creative gift willing to share. If you’re a DJ, please use the music application form.
  • Music application
    Singers, piano men, hang players and DJ’s come and join us! We welcome all.
  • Art application
    Do you want to share your artwork and pieces on the playa, for the whole eager community to see? Let us know so we can find the best placement on the Dutch playa.
  • Art honorary
    Burning Man Netherlands funds and grants artists who have incredible ideas for engaging art but need an extra financial push. Maybe we can help! Note: In order to apply for this honorary, you must have filled out the art application first.