Burn events like Where the Sheep Sleep are not your run of the mill festival. Based on the 10 principles of Burning Man, there are a couple of essential differences, that make Burns such amazing experiences! READ ON for the most important facts and need to knows!

General FAQ


Money Money Money


Can I bring?

Do not bring

Leave No Trace

Health & safety

General FAQ

What is Where the Sheep Sleep

Where the Sheep sleep is often described as a festival or as an arts event, but it can be many things. Based on the principles of radical self-expression, radical self-reliance, no commerce, participation and leave no trace, it’s what the participants make of it.

Is Where the Sheep Sleep the same as Burning Man?

No. They are based on very similar principles, but there are plenty of differences too. Where the sheep sleep is far smaller, with around 800 participants (though growing every year) compared with 70,000 at Burning Man. Located in The netherlands, the majority of participants (although by no means all) are based in Europe, creating a different cultural atmosphere. However, there is a certain degree of crossover in attendees and many who enjoy one enjoy the other.

What is the location of Where The sheep Sleep?

The exact location for Where the Sheep Sleep is Scouting landgoed Zeewolde. Information on how to get there exactly will be shared well in advance of June 27. So everybody had enough time to get ready!


Like it ought to be at an event like this, you need to take some effort to get there :-).

The site itself is not reachable by car. The car needs to be parked in the designated parking area. Road signs will take you there. At the gate you and your ticket and ID will be checked and you will be warmly greeted.

Exodus (departure)

The campsites need to be vacated and completely clean following the Leave no Trace principle, Monday July 1. by 12:00 p.m. at the latest. Exodus is expected to be busy, so start packing all your stuff timely and definitely before 10:00 a.m. Sleepy heads will be woken by the organization from 09:00 a.m.

Leave No Trace

Leave no trace means just that – leaving no trace that you were ever there. Far from what you might be used to at some festivals, every last beer can and sequin must be disposed of after the event. You are PERSONALLY responsible for every single thing you take to site – all your rubbish must be taken away with you.

Leave no trace doesn’t just mean picking up the odd bit of rubbish though. Once the event finishes, we have to take down all the structures, pack up all the building materials etc, store it all, and then clear the site of any stray MOOP (matter out of place).


What about camping and survival equipment?

One of our core principles is radical self-reliance. You need to bring everything you’ll need to survive in the harsh dutch climat ;). You definitely need shelter to sleep in (tent, RV, caravan). Cars are not allowed on the event so those are not an option!

What about food and water?

You MUST bring enough food for the duration of the event. Please see self-reliance. The event does have taps for water! But please be prepared! It’s always good to bring a couple of liters in case of an emergency.

Do I have to join a camp?

No you don’t have to! But most people join together in theme camps
You’re welcome to join an existing camp, set up a new one or simply camp on your own – but don’t forget that you need to bring everything you need, including food and shade. This can be easier when the workload is spread over a theme camp community, but this is no reason not to go it alone!
Check out the Theme Camp page to see which camps are looking members.

What is provided?

A place to be, a place to pee & poop, some drinking water taps and a place where grey water can be disposed.

Everything else, including, but not limited to, food, drinks, extension cords, sound system, shelter, candy, art, hugs, clothing, music, performances, medical supplies (there is a project called the EHBO with certified first-aid on shifts), fire safety (please follow the instructions from the NL chief of the fire safety), common sense, cleaning, loving and dancing will be up to the citizens of WtSS to provide.

It’s the Netherlands… so no harsh weather environments right?

It can get cold at night – but can also be hot during the day with occasional rain and resulting mud. Be prepared that’s all we can say!

Don’t be a darkwad!

Darkwattes? Anyone who walks or rides at night without adequate lighting on the front and back of his/her person. We have chosen a remote location and it can get pretty dark at night! So please bring lights not only to decorate but also with a functional purpose!

Money Money Money

What’s this about no money and gifting?

Where the Sheep Sleep is a no-commerce event. This means that nothing will be sold during the event, and you aren’t allowed to sell things when you’re there. We encourage you to explore the principles of a commerce-free system, and to gift away to your heart’s content. See self-reliance

What does my ticket price cover?

Your ticket allows you entry to the event and the cost goes towards paying for toilets, the central structure, security, first aid, storage, site hire, and a plethora of other expenses vital to making WtSS happen. It does not provide you with food, water or camping equipment. Theme camps charge fees, which are separate to the ticket price (what the camp fee covers depends on the camp, but it may include food, alcohol and the costs of running a really awesome sound system). We allocate 10% of the ticket income into art grants.

Why did the price of the tickets increase

Burning Man Netherlands was forced to increase the ticket price from last year, to EUR 147,50 this year. Two main reasons for this uptick. One is taxes. Like almost everything, taxes in the Netherlands have increased and events are not excluded. The other is our new location. The event area in Apeldoorn, as beautiful as it was, raised challenges concerning the possibilities for radical expression. Hence our search for a more accommodating location, which we have found. The only downside to this terrain is; it’s more expensive to facilitate Where the Sheep Sleep.
Being a not-for-profit organisation with an ANBI status, we take (involuntary) ticket price increases very seriously. We want to give everybody the chance of experiencing a burn on Dutch soil, grant tireless artists in their pursuit to make the most engaging art while keeping our head above financial water. This increase was necessary to achieve all of that.

Tickets for kids

Children up to 12 years participate for free, for children between 12 and 18 years old there’s a special kids ticket. Children receive a different colour wristband since they cannot be served alcohol or cigarettes.


I’d like to help out, but honestly, I have no skills. What can I do?

At Wtss, we’re all volunteers, and we always need more help! Skills are less important than a can-do attitude and the willingness to work hard. You could come early and help set up, or stay late and help clear up. There’s also the valuable task of ‘fluffing’ – walking round with water, sunscreen and snacks to look after people working outside. During the event there is a lot to do! Greet people at the gate, scan tickets, clean toilets, do wellfare, be a ranger… the list is endless. Where to sign-up for shift will be available shortly.

I’m a DJ, artis or performer where do i apply?

Performance & Live music (no dj): For everyone with a creative gift willing to share:  https://goo.gl/forms/l3EXxmrnsvGJ48dl1

For DJ’s: https://goo.gl/forms/fgALflhIrocpScVw2

I want to help during the event

During the event there is a lot to do! Greet people at the gate, scan tickets, clean toilets, do wellfare, be a ranger… the list is endless. Where to sign-up for shift will be available shortly.
There are countless ways to get involved including: running a workshop, Bringing an outrageous outfit or creating one. Make music, a show, or a performance.

Lead roles

Burning Man NL events have 5 main Event Teams called Production, Operations, Community, Logistics and Arts & Entertainment. Each team has several roles that require both Leads, co-leads, and General Participants. These roles are fundamental to the production of our events. They are a fabulous way to get to know our community and can help you hone or learn new skills. These roles require a variety of pre-event and on-site contribution, depending on your availability. More information about lead & co-lead positions: http://participate.burningman.nl/

Can i bring?

Underage co-creators (also known as kids)?

Yes! Children of all ages are radically included at WtSS!
But while WtSS brings out the kid in many adults, it is still primarily an adult atmosphere. You should talk to your kids in advance about the kind of things they might see or hear, and discuss what they will and won’t be OK with.

Please note: We consider a ‘parent’ to be anyone legally and, more importantly, emotionally responsible for the health, well-being, and upbringing of a child, whether a genetic parent–child relationship exists or not. From the standpoint of the law, and of responsibility, a child is anyone under the age of 18. They will be wearing a different event bracelet and all themecamps are expected to adhere to the no alcohol under 18 legislation.

Do i need to bring your my own cup?

WtSS is a BYOC-event, meaning that you are supposed to bring and take responsibility for your own cup, bowl and cutlery. There will be many participants offering food or drinks and if all of them bring disposable utensils it adds unnecessary strain on both our event and our planet. BYOC solves this problem.


RV camping spots are exclusively for campers, caravans and folding trolleys that comply with the official demands as listed by the ‘Wegenverkeerswet en de Regeling Voertuigen”. (Temporary) remodeled vehicles such as vans and station cars do not apply and will therefore not be allowed on the RV campsite.

All vehicles will be registered upon arrival; should you leave your caravan, camper or folding trolley behind after the event finishes, the vehicle will be removed and the owner of the vehicle will be liable for all accompanying costs. Gas installations are only allowed for APK-approved campers, for which the valid APK papers should be present and presentable to the officers in question.

For camping on the RV campsite an additional RV Ticket is needed and is limited to availability Other vehicles, such as cars, are not allowed on the RV campsite and will have to be parked on the official parking area.

Cars (default, real world cars)

Parking is only allowed on the designed parking area. Cars or other vehicles that are parked outside this terrain can and will be removed by the local authorities and all accompanying costs will be billed to the registered owner.

What not to do or bring

Drugs & medication

It is illegal by law to carry or trade illegal substances, such as drugs. Police and organization will have the right to check in luggage, cars, caravans and campers. Additionally, other mind-enhancing substances (e.g. nitrous oxide) are not allowed on the premises.

Heavy medication, food and fluids necessary for the treatment of allergies or other diseases can only be brought in with a valid medical certificate.

Camera and mobile phone regulations

In order to create a safe space for participants to discover their own boundaries, the use of photo and video is discouraged. In fact, more fun is to be had by looking up instead of at your phone. And if you want to take a picture, make sure everyone in frame is in agreement. As ticket buyer you also agree with our Use of Images.
NOTE: DSLR’s, professional gear and lenses are not allowed without an invitation and agreement of Burning Man Netherlands.

Press and media

This is a private event, specifically designed for the burner community and friends of those within the community. The burner community is defined as those who attend other events that follow the 10 principles.
Press, media and (semi) professional with professional gear are ONLY allowed at the event after signing the Media Agreement by Burning Man Netherlands. Based on their proposal a select group will be invited. Any other media creators who haven’t signed or aren’t invited by BMNL will be asked to delete all media and be removed from the premises.
Participants who feel limited in their participation by the presence of professional media (gear) are encouraged to notify the organization.

Leave No Trace

What's MOOP?

MOOP is an acronym for “Matter Out of Place”, a convenient way of referring to anything that is not originally of the land on which our event takes place.

NEVER LET MOOP HIT THE GROUND. Clean As You Go. MOOP attracts more MOOP. When you see trash on the ground, pick it up and take it with you – You won’t wee it later as layers of sand and grass accumulate.

  • Carry a MOOP bag. Wherever you go, carry a small bag to collect any MOOP you find. You can, of course, customise your MOOP bag to make it a part of your playa wear.
  • Weigh items down/don’t let them blow away: put a weight on or tie down anything that can blow away.
    If you’re a smoker, carry a portable ashtray such as a mint tin with you at all times. Or put butts in your pocket. Never, ever drop butts.
  • Ask permission before using a camp recycle station if you are not camping with them. Some camps will only be able to deal with their own campers’ rubbish.
  • Separate recycling into glass, plastic, aluminium and cardboard/paper.
  • Do not let bins overflow and MOOP get out of hand.
  • NEVER burn rubbish! Take it to the waste disposal site

What should I do with my trash?

You are responsible for your own trash. If you smoke a cigarette, the butt goes in your bag, back to your tent, and in your car home from the event. The same goes for beer cans, packaging, food left-overs – everything! It is never acceptable to think that someone else will take care of your trash. Pack it in, pack it out!

How to create less waste?

Prior to arrival to WtSS remove all surplus packaging to minimise waste generation.

Health & Safety

What is Welfare?

Welfare Enough offers a 24 hour service and provides a safe and sober space for participants to collect themselves in a quiet place, receive some emotional support, or rehydrate with a non-alcoholic beverage.
Welfare Enough does not offer any medical services and can not help with injuries or physical health issues.
Participants can go directly to the Welfare Enough dome without checking in at the first aid first.

Wolf Rangers

The Wolves are friendly vegan 😉 wolves and there to help. The Wolf rangers are volunteers and dedicated to the safety of the participants of Where the Sheep Sleep.
The Rangers are a broad cross-section of the Burning Man Netherlands community who volunteer some of their time in the role of non-confrontational community mediators. They are empowered by the community and Burning Man Netherlands to address safety concerns, mediate disputes, and resolve conflicts when they cannot be resolved by the persons involved. Rangers encourage a community of shared responsibility. Rangers only assist the community when needed.

What about personal safety & sex?

Where the Sheep Sleep is built on community, and is the chance to make fantastic new friends – especially safely, one step at a time:

  • Introduce yourself to your neighbours
  • Work together to keep your neighbourhood secure
  • Let someone know where you’re going if you wander off alone or with a new friend, and check in frequently.
  • Make new friends, but be alert to the actions of those you meet
  • Secure your valuables when away from your camp
  • Use your instincts

Where the Sheep Sleep can be an erotically charged environment. We want to help prevent sexual harassment and assault while ensuring that sex-positive free expression thrives!
It is imperative to know and express your own sexual boundaries and to ask about and respect your partners’ boundaries. SILENCE IS NOT CONSENT! Communication is the best lubricant! Always ask and wait for a yes!