Come build and burn the Man with us!


The Man Grant: For this year’s Sheep we are looking for a team that wants to build The Man. Are you up for the task to form a crew to build the man? Do you have any ideas, plans or thoughts let us know. To Help you with funding the build of The Manwe have a special budget ranging from €1000,- to about €2000,-


Temple Grant: All that energy of the default life, the thoughts about past, thoughts about change and the future. All These thoughts and wishes need a place on the playa as well.
Besides a team for the Man we are also looking for a Temple crew. Do you have ideas about a Temple for Sheep 2018? Can you inspire the burner mind to go further than beyond? Tell us your plans! To help you with funding to build the temple we have a special budget ranging from €1000,- to about €2000,-

To apply for a grant to build The Man or Temple please fill out BOTH the standard Art Application form and Art Honorarium Grant form. If you have questions, you find answers here. Please submit your plans as soon as possible!


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