Arrival and Exodus

Arrival and Exodus Arrival Like it ought to be at an event like this, you need to take some effort to get there :-). The site itself is not reachable by car. The car needs to be parked in the [...]

Gespiegelde Hartstocht

Name: Gespiegelde Hartstocht Artist: Ronald Sponselee Size: 2 meter high A big turning heart with small mirrors on it, love each other or yourself   Don’t miss out, get your ticket here!

ART: Medallions

Name: Medallions Artist: Ronald Sponselee Size: 1.20 meter high Several big (120 cm) medallions build out of wood with mirrors on the back and lights on the in and outside!   Don’t [...]

PERFORMANCE | Julie Scott​

Scottish born musician Julie Scott has lived in Holland almost her whole life, and yet you can still hear her Celtic roots when she sings. While being inspired by artists like David Bowie, Mark [...]

What? Where? When?

Who’s playing? Where’s that cool workshop? Why am I lost? Former editions of Where the Sheep Sleep came with a magical little booklet that held all the answers. It was created by and for people [...]


The musicians of Maktub will be joining us, one of the most beautiful music projects of this last year. Listening to the set of Maktub is an emotional experience, hopefully raising awareness for [...]

PERFORMANCE | Qeaux Qeaux Joans

​Beautiful singer, pianist​ and altogether amazing musician ​Qeaux Qeaux Joans ​will seduce us in her nocturnal dreamworld, outside where the story of the listener is translated into music. The [...]

Themecamp Stories

Fancy chilling out in a jazz lounge? Feel like a rejuvenating bounce on a trampoline? Have a wish you’d like to cast and then willingly allow fate to take over? There are theme camps for all of [...]

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