DreamCamps are groups of friends or soon-to-become friends that get together and create unique experiences on the playa. And everything they bring is created and organised by the participants. It’s up to you to decide if you want to start or join a DreamCamp, or you’d instead go free camping. 

If you are interested in creating your DreamCamp, there is a simple application process that you can go through. The application process involves describing your camp, including its theme and activities, and outlining any necessary infrastructure or resources you will need to bring.

Creating a DreamCamp at the sheep is a great way to get involved in the community and contribute to the event’s unique atmosphere. So, if you have a creative idea and a passion for bringing people together, consider applying to create your camp!

More DreamCamps are coming!

The list below is not a complete list of all DreamCamps, there is more to come. Come back later to see more.



“Our camp is called Odd World. It is a place to celebrate the perfectly imperfect, unique, creatures inside us all. At Oddworld we search to discover the world’s peculiarities; to find a place for all of us in this bizarre universe. At the heart of the camp will be a community space, decorated with detailed examples of imperfect beauty, magical objects and interactive installations designed to uncover your inner weirdo.

Our camp consists of a very international group of partly experienced burners and partly newbies that share a passion for creative expression, communal adventures and co-creation. Currently our camp is ramping up for its second edition: An even Odder World. Where our first camp explored perception through seen reflection, this year we aim to explore reflection through sound.

Sound can soothe or excite, it can create fear or peace. Who do we discover when we find ourselves in a quieter place? Who comes out when we decide to dance? What memories lie within a song? What is the sound of a heart string being plucked?  This is for us to decide together at Odd-World 2.0.

For now we’ve just started our process. And so we encourage new comers to bring their ideas concerning installations and workshops – or maybe there’s another idea you wish to propose? Whatever you wish to contribute we welcome you to our humble den of outcasts, weary travelers and world seekers alike!”

Accepting new members? No


Ye Olde Advice Booth

Welcome to “Ye Olde Advice Booth”, the one-stop-shop for all your questionable life decisions! Need some guidance on which outrageous outfit to wear today or whether it’s a good idea to ride that giant flaming bicycle? Look no further, because we’ve got you covered (in dust and glitter, of course).Our team of expert advisors are ready to dispense wisdom like it’s going out of style (which it probably is, because, you know, Burning Man). And don’t worry, we won’t judge you for that time you accidentally started a dance party in the porta-potty.So come on down and let us help you navigate the treacherous waters of the playa. We may not have all the answers, but we do have a lot of experience with art cars, desert sunburns, and questionable decisions. And if all else fails, just remember: it’s Burning Man, baby! Let your freak flag fly and embrace the chaos.

Accepting new members? No
How to contact this DreamCamp?


The Sheep’s Playground

Welcome to the Sheep’s Playground – the ultimate destination for sheep and lamb enthusiasts who love to have fun and play! Our fluffy friends love to experiment with tools, games, smells, tastes, colors, and, of course, each other. And with our playful and inspiring experiences, we promise you’ll forget all about time and get lost in the joy of play.

Here at the Sheep’s Playground, we believe in the power of co-creation – bringing together burn veterans and newbies alike, to create a vibrant and playful community. Our youthful energy is contagious, and we’re excited for it to  light up Zeewolde.

If you’re ready to bring your playful vibes and join the fun, fill out the application below and help us transform an empty space into a magical wonderland.

Oh, and just a heads up – this year we’re going soft-sound and RV-free. But don’t worry, our playful energy will be in full swing!

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1_Cu2R_TnrJS6U3paaOwsbAStLnGCQbUF2XZVSng_8VA/ Open to applications: of course!

Accepting new members? Yes
How to contact this DreamCamp? Follow this link


Camp ViBe

Camp ViBe stands for Very Inviting Burning Environment and that is exactly where we stand for. We warmly invite you all to our camp, where you will find friendly people, gezelligheid, and lots of entertainment. We offer you the famous Black Sheep Bar with delicious drinks (even mock-and cocktails!) and lovely bartenders. We will organize silent as well as noisy disco’s with a va- riety of music (dance/chill/techno, but also 80’s/90’s and requests). But this is not all we have to offer… because this year we offer a NEW service: the ViBe Wedding Chapel for real, legitimate Burner marriages! We have outfits, an official, rings, weddings guests.. every- thing you need. Camp ViBe: too many reasons to come by!

Accepting new members? No
How to contact this DreamCamp?


“Zij Wilde Naar Zeewolde”

1 guerilla Playa art. Het gaat hierbij om verschillende Art Pieces die gedurende het gehele event te bewonderen zijn. Gedurende de dag en nacht kunnen de beleving totaal verschillend zijn. 2 Een Trash or Treasure Shop, de plek waar je outfit compleet gemaakt kan worden of de plek om een geheel nieuwe outfit te scoren. Hierbij geholpen met deskundig advies van de campleden. De Trash or Treasure Shop is alle dagen geopend. 3 De Go Away Bar, een mobiele bar waar je terecht kunt voor een slecht gesprek, een slechte grap of slecht advies. Nu en dan zal er muziek zijn en heel af en toe zal er ook een drankje worden geschonken. De bar is open wanneer de kampleden in de stemming zijn. De Bar kan ook elders op het terrein worden aangetroffen. 4 Spontane activiteiten: – Candygirl -> Candy voor iedereen, geserveerd door een tropisch verrassing – Pop-up Hangover Breakfast -> Breakfast voor spontane bezoekers, op is op – Pop-up Lunch Cocktail -> Cocktails voor spontane bezoekers, op is op – Pop-up Recover lunch -> lunch voor spontane bezoekers, op is op – Creative workshop -> altijd weer een verrassing voor iedereen in de buurt van het camp – Beercan recycle point. Collect cans from all over the playa and make them into art

Accepting new members? no



Lubricantina brings tacos, tequila, and lubed up thumb wrestling to the meadow. We have daily workshops to help your train your hands for the challenge, collaborative finger painting, and guided mediation. We are silly & slippery (definitely not sexy!). We invite people to come play with us.

Accepting new members?Maybe



Welcome!​ We are Camp Walhalleluha. A theme camp that will bring a lot of MUSIC to the Dutch Playa. This year we’ll have more DJ’s and will also have a place again for live music. So if you are a singer songwriter and want to play some songs, feel free to join! Feedom is the keyword in this camp. There are no shifts and we live by the Ten Principles. Radical Inclusion, everybody is welcome. Communal Effort, feel free to help each other. Participation, do you want to give a workshop? Be our guest! We’ll have workshops like ecstatic dance, breath work, massages, (acro) yoga, talks and also have a program for kids! This year will bring the same big blue bus that you can’t miss. Last but not least we’ll bring a lot of art with a lot of fire to the Playa, so come check that out! What does this camp bring to The Sheep? Gifting: *Music* *Art* *Workshops* *Breakfast* *Good feeling*

Accepting new members? No


Levantine House

People of the Levantine area and their friends will bring a soundcamp during the day & chill-out area during the day & night. Comeby for workshops as yoga and breathwork or enjoy our finest oriental organic house tunes. Together we will cook our beloved Levantine cuisine.

Accepting new members? Yes
How to contact this DreamCamp? Follow the link


Kamp Eus

we are a loose and cozy RV camp where everyone is welcome for fun, a chat, a hug, a drink. see you on the playa

Accepting new members? No
How to contact this DreamCamp? email: henkbos2000@gmail.com


Camp Leonardo

Camp Leonardo – A Place Beyond Belief. We are a true DreamCamp – we dream up things that did not exist before. This is what makes us artists. But we are also inventors: we are not satisfied with just dreaming, not even with creating an artist’s impression of it. Without inventors, we would all still be living in caves, possibly looking at a painted dream, but not living it. You cannot undream a dream. Once it is there, it will haunt us until we have found a way to make it a reality. And we invite everyone to do this, too. We have materials, tools, knowledge, experience, crazy ideas, challenges, confidence and perseverance. And we are ready to share all of this. In the true spirit of Leonardo da Vinci, we invite you to reach for the stars – by turning your dreams into reality.

Accepting new members? Yes
How to contact this DreamCamp?  leonardo@jang.nl



Welcome to Tubtopia, the ultimate dreamcamp for hot tub enthusiasts! Our camp is dedicated to bringing the perfect mix of bubbles and bass to the playa. With our luxurious hot tub, we’ll be hosting soak parties and relaxed bathing sessions throughout the week. Our camp is all about creating a fun and inclusive environment where everyone can enjoy the hot tub experience. We’ll have DJs spinning and of course, we’ll have plenty of bubbles to keep the party going. But don’t worry, we’ll also have quieter times for those who want to unwind and soak in the tub. So come join us at Tubtopia for the ultimate hot tub experience on the playa!

Accepting new members? No


Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti Where all kinds of fruit gather! From (Sub)Tropical to Dutch Glory, everything together creates that delicious tasteful ‘WE’ feeling! The heart of the Tutti Frutti temple is a playground where you can spread your wings as a Paradise Bird or House Sparrow during various workshops built around playfulness and connection: Yogilates, Floor Dance, Nunchaku, Acroyoga, Tantric, Tango, Shibari. The true elixir of life springs from your ‘joie de vivre’, unbridled fantasy, vitality, empathy and especially by following your Tutti Frutti Juicy Flow!

Accepting new members?Maybe
How to contact this DreamCamp?  0626032408


Project g-Force | BEEM

We take burners on a trip to explore the depths of electronic music that stays in your head and moves your feet. We will be providing the right moodfood-music that will change as the day progresses From Smooth Lounge, Funk, Disco, House and Deep House to driving and energetic techno later in the evening. We welcome and actively encourage people to try out dj’ing and will be more than happy to provide ad-hoc intro courses to teach basic or not so basic skills. Also welcoming any DJ’s that want to join us.

Accepting new members? yes
How to contact this DreamCamp? Stefan.Gruber1979@protonmail.com



Evoke your spirit. After an endless night of extraordinary wonders, there is a place to recuperate our souls. For the early birds there is yoga, followed by a plunge in the lake to brush up for a magnificent upcoming day, floating session included. To refine our spirits even more there will be sound healing, meditation and mantra singing. Zenergy is your place of comfort, to retreat in between all the intense experiences. Can you add something to this spiritual haven please let us know. We are open for members to join.

Accepting new members? Maybe
How to contact this DreamCamp? –


Bam Bam & Pebbels

“BamBam & Pebbles” is a welcoming and inclusive camp at Where the Sheep Sleep, where families with children, as well as individuals without kids, are encouraged to join and experience the magic of the festival together. Although our focus is on providing a safe and fun environment for kids (aged 0-18) and their parents, we believe that the love, happiness, and fantasy we aim to bring can be enjoyed by all. Come and be a part of our community at “Where the Sheep Sleep” and join us in creating unforgettable memories. Whether you are a parent or not, all beautiful people are welcome to be a part of this amazing experience.

Accepting new members? Yes
How to contact this DreamCamp? BamBampebblesBM@Gmail.com en https://www.facebook.com/groups/368573293614156/?ref=share



We ♥ Music! WonderCamp is a Belgian camp and a spin-off of Winter Wonderburn. Did we mention our love for music? We are a sound camp with the motto ‘dare to play different’! What does this mean? We encourage DJs to play that set they always wanted to play, but never dared to. There is plenty of techno, tech-, and deep house progressive at burns, but what about the rest? Maybe you have a secret love for metal, drum’n’bass, psytrance, early rave, hiphop, 80’s pop, oldschool rock, country, Motown, jazz or ecstatic dance music that you want to share with your fellow burners. Well, now is your chance! We invite everyone (not just experienced djs) who wants to ‘play different’ to WonderCamp and rock the stage. So get out of your attic and be that dj you always wanted to be!

Accepting new members? Yes
How to contact this DreamCamp? info@wonderburn.be


Off Centre Camp

Experience the Dutch playa, the Off Centre way. Wake up in the early, misty morning and while caressing some sheep find your way to NoBucks. The only spot on the playa for real morning coffee. Then, as the warm day wanders ahead, stand in line for FckDonalds, and enjoy a lunch which should not exist. And, once during the Sheep. huddle up and make a stand for the environment! Join the one and only Kentucky Free Chicken race! Off Centre Camp: let’s put you off!

Accepting new members? Maybe
How to contact this DreamCamp? sander@burningman.nl



At camp Kallumaan you can stop by to relax and reload. If you need a boost (mentally, physically, emotionally, alcohol-levelly), we got something for you! So we will see you around!

Accepting new members? No
How to contact this DreamCamp?


Where the sheep don’t sleep

Introducing a group of like-minded individuals from the Netherlands,, Spain and beyond, who share a semi-spiritual mindset and the love for happy techno music. Despite of our diverse backgrounds and experiences, we come together to form a unique and enriching community where every one feels at home. Between noon and 5pm, our bar will serve coffee, cocktails, sweet rolls and techno. Also, we offer a delicious dose of inspiration, such as dj lessons, tarot readings, yoga classes, massages and workshops. Bring your own “stikkie” (USB stick), if you want to share your favorite tunes. Join us and become part of our tribe! We are a sound camp. Dj, coffee bar and workshops. Semi spiritual awesome people. Loungy vibe. 12-5pm open hours. People can bring their USB stick when they want to share their own music.

Accepting new members? No
How to contact this DreamCamp?


Le Freak C’est Sheep

Get your freak on!! Le Freak C’est Sheep will host a proper freak show at the sheep. Come, get your groove on and let your freak speak on our runway on Freaky Friday. Returning by popular demand, the Freak Bar, do you think you can handle it??? If you want to talk about it, try the newest way of communicating on playa, the Walkie Stalkie. We are bunch of seasoned burners from 5 different countries (mainly Dutch) and we threw in a few burgins for flavor. Our favorite principles are Radical Self Reliance and Radical Self expression. We can welcome two additional virgins to our camp. If you want to join our camp, be ready to be you and take care of you. In short, it’s getting freaky in here!!

Accepting new members? Yes
How to contact this DreamCamp? mo@burningman.nl



V is for Festivities! Come and celebrate 5 years of Tiger&Wolf madness on the Dutch Playa. We are the no-label, 18plus camp with a programme filled to the rim with parties, workshops and events all focussed to let you create lasting memories and amazing experiences!

Accepting new members? Maybe
How to contact this DreamCamp? Wolf@pandoramedia.nl


Ter Apel x The Unofficial Mr Worldwide Fanclub

Hospitality without boundaries and a taste of music you won’t find anywhere close. Where the hungry are fed and shelter is provided to those in need. We cook a Lebanese-style dinner for whoever comes around on Friday between 1600 and 1900ish and will probably set up a Dutch style snackbar (French fries, frikadellen) on Saturday. Turkish morning coffee on Saturday and Sunday between 0930 and 1030. Shelter is open 24/7 for that individual or individuals (m/f/x) who went camping but forgot to bring their tent. We welcome & salute all our brothers and sisters who come and join us. Stay for just a moment, a snack, or the whole weekend at our camp – whatever you like.

Accepting new members? no



We are a bunch of friends of friends coming together to create magic. With the P.O.R.T.A.L. camp we are embracing the transformational power of the event and inviting fellow burners to find out what wants to be transformed. What lies on the other side of the P.O.R.T.A.L. for you? What will you have to leave behind? What new sides of yourself will be awakened as you step (or slither?) through? Beyond the threshold of the P.O.R.T.A.L. you may find gentle movement practices, playful activities, liquid encounters and transformational experiences you didn’t know you needed.

Accepting new members? Maybe
How to contact this DreamCamp?phillchill@gmail.com



Hot dog! Howl would you like to dance with this big bad pack of foul mouthed, shape shifting, moon worshipping, butt sniffing canines? Come find us at Camp Swearwolves. Awoo see you there!

Accepting new members? No