Dream Camps are groups of friends or soon to become friends that get together and create amazing experiences on the playa. And everything they bring is created and organized by the participants. It’s up to you to decide if you want to start or join a Theme Camp, or you’d rather go free camping. 

Already there is an amazing, crazy selection of Dream Camps that have joined the flock. It promises to be a flooded meadow full of interactive art, banter and joy.  Take a look at all the camps who are present at Where the Sheep Sleep 2022. And hey, there is always room for more… Do you want to start your own Theme Camp? The dream camp application is closed for 2022. We are busy placing all the camp. 

The Dreamcamp list is not up to date with 2023 info

An update will follow shortly. Please come back closer to the event for accurate information. A bit more patience 😉

Failed telesheepish meowhat black sheep shitshow of cosmic proportions… AKA fuck it! (Nickname: AKA)

  •  Fire Spinners’ Area
  • Sound Stage [Live Musicians & DJ’s ft. FIRE Spinners]
  • Black Sheep Bar
  • Themed Workshopping [**]

A wondrous camp filled with magical creatures from all corners of the galaxy providing a space full of love, fire, magic and surprises. Here you’ll do things you’ve never done before, experience things that feel so familiar and yet so unkNOWn. Come for a chat at our bar and enjoy our sober and non-sober spirits, get mesmerized by our FIRE SPINNERS, explore our workshops [**], catch a glimpse into your future with our Oracle and dance like you’ve never danced before. In the nights our camp will set your heart on fire and take you on a journey into the depth of your own magic.

Wanna share your music (DJ and/or live) with us, you’re looking for a home for your workshop or mesmerize us with your fire dance? Contact us!

** [We have a Workshop Theme –> 1sties! FIRSTIES are workshops that aim to give absolute beginners in a wide variety of skills the experience of what it feels like to have that skill. (Example: 1st time fire spinning for ultimate beginners that’ve dreamt of trying) Come and tttry) That though does not mean that non-1stie workshops cannot hold their offerings at our place.]

Your tent wants to sleep in our camp?


Open for new members: YES
contact: https://forms.gle/YbaHijzLYcWCLwmP8

Ankleideraum x Meltingpot

Ankleideraum x Meltingpot is a dreamcamp that’s all about losing track of time while you get lost in music. Life is filled with highs and lows and we want to honour that by both bringing the most intense dancing vibes combined with ultimate chillings. We gathered an incredible bunch of DJ’s and artists to create a non stop party heaven where everybody is welcome to dance their socks off and fly away with us. Or to sit back, have something delicious to eat or drink, chat with like minded weirdos and find your inner zen in our cozy chill-out dome. Or even better, find the perfect balance between the two.

We will have DJ’s performing every day and (part of the) night from Thursday till Sunday. Line ups and time tables will be kept secret until the first day of the event.

Open for new members: NO


Zij wilde naar Zeewolde?

GoAway bar & Guerilla art // street art

Open for new members: NO
contact: qaloha@gmail.com


Kamp Eus op de schaapjes

Kamp Eus is generally the quiet camp where you can chill out, chat or have a good conversation in the sunshine or under our big black tent, everyone is welcome.
But kamp Eus is famous for the Jo’s Sangria pool party and it’s coming back on Saturday afternoon 3pm! We will have liters of Jo’s sangria ready. Don’t miss it!

Unfortunately, kamp Eus is full, sorry.

Open for new members: NO


Camp Leonardo – A Place Beyond Belief.

We are a true DreamCamp – we dream up things that did not exist before. This is what makes us artists. But we are also inventors: we are not satisfied with just dreaming, not even with creating an artist’s impression of it. Without inventors, we would all still be living in caves, possibly looking at a painted dream, but not living it.

You cannot undream a dream. Once it is there, it will haunt us until we have found a way to make it a reality. And we invite everyone to do this, too. We have materials, tools, knowledge, experience, crazy ideas, challenges, confidence and perseverance. And we are ready to share all of this.

In the true spirit of Leonardo da Vinci, we invite you to reach for the stars – by turning your dreams into reality.

Open for new members: MAYBE
contact: leonardo@jang.nl


Kamp Kniftig

If you like whining, moaning, crying and grumbling, or really need some bad advice, or have a lot of terrible advice to give, Kamp Kniftig is the place to be. We all know being grumpy is how you enjoy your burn the most. We are masters in the Art of Whining and you are welcome to join. Meaning of “Kniftig”: being cranky and difficult

Open for new members: NO


De fundatie van Kamp Ellende, in het kort Kamp Ellende

we will make you feel miserable. Join us for a Eurovision Glitter Disco Bingo, a Eurovision Shots bar and many more miserable things.

We will make sure you will feel Miserable all Sheep long!

Open for new members: NO


@the Trash Fence

Where you get lost or lose yourself…”
The new and improved camp for The Sheep 2022
Every year we’re back at the only Burn below sea-level, but different. What’s our history?
• 2020 Streetless in Zeeattle (postponed)
• 2019 What could possibly go wrong
• 2018 Snarkville
• 2017 DMV
• 2016 Sheepless at Seattle
What we probably will do again:
• Kids friendly camp
• Laidback tinkering workshops (TBD)
• Snacks, like pita, tosti, pancakes or soup (vegan/vega)
• Photo expo
• Freestore shopping area
• LED project
• More to come
Open for new members: NO


“Ring the bells that still can ring, forget your perfect offering, there is a crack, a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” (Leonard Cohen)

The world is full of perfectly imperfect, unique, creatures. At Oddworld we welcome all shapes and species alike. Even more we celebrate our and the world’s peculiarities, there is a place for all of us in this bizarre universe. Our place offers whimsical jollity to optical illlllllllluuuusions, festivities of weirdness, exploration and improvisation. At the heart of the camp will be a community space, decorated with detailed examples of imperfect beauty, magical objects and interactive installations designed to cause weird (not scary) sensations. Further we would like to offer odd food during the burn at some point (either weirdly colored, perhaps with production errors, ect.). Next, there are all kinds of small workshop ideas our camp is currently developing, from jams with improvised instruments, to engineered, principally interactive installations where light, sound, and sensual experience entangle in unexpected ways. Our camp is founded on principles of respect, consent, radical inclusion, empowerment, participation and co-creation and sustainability, next to the other overlapping 10 burn principles.

We are a very international group of partly experienced burners and partly newbies that share a passion for creative expression, communal adventures and co-creation. We would love to enchant you at “Where the sheep sleeps” this year! <3

Open for new members: NO
contact: tabea.sonnenschein@gmail.com



Poflove has been WtSS go-to late night snack palace since its first edition providing lights, beats and poffertjes with our mobile party cart wherever we feel the need is highest. Would you like to provide snacks to the hungry late at night? Let us know!

Open for new members: YES
Contact: wtss@menso.online



Tiger&Wolf Where wandering sheep get enchanted, lost sheep find a home, and the wolves dance along with Roodkapje (‘Red Riding’). We pride ourselves to be inclusive to ALL sheep, whether ​you’re a lost Snow White, a unicorn prince or a rainbow sparkle pony! And let’s be honest, everybody loves a sexy Black Sheep. We started as the first mature non-confirmative consent camp with the focus on creating mutual amazing memories. After two years of slumber, the family is back with a primal hunger for amazing experiences, intense connections and absolute animalistic shenanigans! You are invited to come and play in our den at Where the Sheep Sleep 2022! NOTE: we are happy to say we have reached full capacity for 2022.

Join our FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1382457141843884/



Welcome!​ This is Camp Walhalleluha.

Formerly known as Freecamp Walhalleluha. Freedom is still the keyword in this camp. There are no shifts, but feel free to help and ofcourse we live by the Ten Principles. Radical Inclusion, everybody is welcome.

Communal Effort, feel free to help each other. Participation, do you want to give a workshop? Be our guest! We’ll probably will have workshops like ecstatic dance, breath work, massages, (acro) yoga, TEDDx Talks and also have workshops for kids!

Maybe you were there at the last Sheep in 2019 and remember that big grey bus with stretch tent… this year we’ll come with the same stretch, but we will come with a much bigger blue bus you can’t miss. We will be a theme camp and we’ll bring a lot of MUSIC to the Dutch Playa. We’ll have a lot of DJ’s, but will also have a place for live music. So if you are a singer songwriter and want to play some songs, feel free to join! 

Last but not least we’ll bring a lot of art with a lot of fire to the Playa, so come check that out!

What does this camp bring to The Sheep?

Gifting: *Music* *Art* *Workshops* *Cocktails* *Breakfast* *Good feeling*

  • NOT open for new members

Ye olde advice booth

Our camp “Ye olde advice booth” is coming to the green pastures of The Sheep once again.
As always we will be dispensing our valuable (and sometimes not so valuable) advice to the flock!
We are bringing our advice teepee, some highly skilled advisors, and enough advice for everyone (your mileage will vary, however).
See you at the Sheep!
PS: We are not accepting more camp members as we are growing quite rapidly, ‘cause we have the most wonderful clique.

50)'(50 Camp


Camp Ungezellig


Tartan Tutus & Tails



From Jazzy Lounge to Devilish Hot Dance Music
If it has Soul, we’ll Play it, and we’ll Play it Loud

Come get you Kicks, or just Chill
Open both Day and Night

Find out more now? Click here

Mixed by DJ b-ART
Contact: Martijn@MCFotografie.com



Welcome to Heartspace! A homebase where all are welcome. Our intention is to create a sweet experience to savor. Participation is what we love – so feel free to share your creative ideas with us and we’ll help you bring them to life. We are a small camp (max. 15 people) which gives us plenty of time to wander & wonder. At Heartspace we invite you to be who you are, respect your own and other’s boundaries and be kind to everybody around you including yourself! We will create a (musical) meeting space with live music, open mic night, music lounge, poems, storytelling, etc. Heartspace is open for all to share their voice and/or music.

Open for new members: MAYBE
contact: roaldreurink@gmail.com


Circus of Life

Circus of Life “If you surround yourself with clowns, don’t be surprised your life will be a circus 🤡 🎪” DJs Tarot readings Cacao ceremony Clothing exchange Glitters everywhere The Circus of Life is not just a Circus, it is a lifestyle, where there is room for every person and energy. In our Circus Tent we’re creating a living room setting where you’ll find the perfect combination between hanging out with amazing people and dancing to the great tunes from our DJs. Explore our Circus and join us for a Cacao ceremony, attend a tarot reading, find yourself a new outfit, be glittered or just swing by to chill and relax. We will be hosting a grand Circus Show (date & time TBD). Bring all your Circus attributes and dance with us. We took in some new campmates in already so in that way we are full, but we are open for all types of circus acts!

Open for new members: NO



Evoke your spirit. After an endless night of extraordinary wonders, there is a place to recuperate our souls. For the early birds there is yoga, followed by a plunge in the lake to brush up for a magnificent upcoming day. To refine our spirits even more there will be mantra singing. Can you add something to this spiritual haven please let us know. We are open for members to join.

Open for new members: YES
Contact: marijnswart@live.nl



amp Care A Lot provides an uber chill space to recover and recharge mentally and physically. We offer quiet ambient music, and soft places to crash or wake up. Also healthy drinks, snacks, massages. We like to appeal to all the senses, so come and visit to listen, see, feel, smell and taste! Also we want to offer workshops like meditation, circling, and making mindful art. For our campmates we camp together and have vegan/vegetarian dinners and breakfasts together. Our campmates will be people who love to help to nurture this garden of comforting cushioning chillness. We love kids and the energy they bring, but for camping we are currently only accepting adults! The camp is set up by a group of Welfare organizers because we missed having a chillspace near Welfare, and Welfare volunteers flock together somehow anyway, and we like to camp together 🙂 We like the camp to be close to Welfare. Although a lot of Welfairies are in this camp, volunteering at Welfare is not connected to this camp.

Open for new members: NO



shama is a place of silence, of coming to ourselves – to take a deep breath and find your inner self. The many impressions, experiences, encounters expand our consciousness, give us happiness, love and unleash new insights. This process is beautiful, but sometimes challenging. After a colorful day or a wild night you can find back to yourself, grounding yourself, process and anchor the new impressions, or just take a deep breath and relax.

»shama« (name might change…) the name of our camp is a Sanskrit
word that means »equal«, »even«, »equanimity«, »calmness«, and »peace of mind«.

The Place is a magical, spiritual bell-shaped tent, 5 x 5 meters. Shining slightly in golden lights – took your shoes off, step in a cozy, spiritual space of silence – We will create a beautiful ambience with soft, decorated carpets, fluffy pillows and warm blankets. With a pleasant smell of incense sticks and soothing sounds. An altar in the middle invites to let
everything which disturb you to go.

You can come when ever you want and find a silent space (this is where the sheeps can sleep this year :). During the day, we are offering different happenings to have a deeper experience. We are coming up with a detailed schedule soon. Program Ideas are: morning meditations, silent hours, setting intentions, creating an altar (everyone can bring a personal sacred item), rituals (serious as well as a bit of Burner style-humour), ceremonies. You can look forward to earthyou-meditaitions with Jacky or meditative painting with Julia.

Open for new members: NO
Contact: V.Dartmann@gmx.de


Unicorn Island

– Daily workouts at 11:00
– Face paint & glitter station
– Our Walkin’ Bar will fill your cups across the Playa

Unicorn Island exists to lift heavy things, spirits, and fitness across the Playa! Come fight your hangovers during our daily boozecamp bootcamp for your booties at 11:00.
Unicorns puke glitter and rainbows and don’t mind putting some of it on your face at our glitter station.
If you don’t come to us, we’ll come to you with the Walkin’ Bar. We’re roaming the Playa to walk off that hard liquor.

Open for new members: NO


Let freedom reign

Let Freedom Reign is all about being Able to do the things you Want to do.
We aim to bring a Quality experience for Everyone but most important we want everyone to Feel free and Relax.
Love and being Openminded is the Core of our Camp we wish to Spread this Feeling of joy in our Fluorescent base.
Our Daily in and outdoor DJ sets, Smokey Lazer lightshows set in an environment covered with Glow in the dark Surprises should make you feel Free even if it is for a Moment, day, Weekend, Festival or more…..
If you wish to be a part of this experience or want to play a few tunes, you can always contact us the more sheep the merrier!

Open for new members: MAYBE
Contact: mbbroekman@hotmail.com


Open Eyes

Food – Pancakes (aka Bliny) + Sauna (aka Banya)

Open for new members: MAYBE
Contact: sholinakseniya@gmail.com


Family love

Welcome to our Love camp!
Are you joining us for a Love journey?
Walk the path of Love….
Take the heart entrance, enter a safe place to vent and unload, to reset and open to yourself and the possibilities of a beautiful world already living within us.
Come and share your time with us and amplify your innate ability to love and be loved.
When your heart is beating freely, your body is invited to move to our musical frequencies interacting in the moment with you!

Open for new members: MAYBE
Contact: andrezeldenrust@gmail.com


BamBam & Pebbles kidsville

This camps welcomes all beautiful people that would like to bring their little lambs to Where the Sheep Sleep. This program is for burner kids (age 0-18) and their parents and aims to give them an amazing time with all the love, happiness and fantasies that comes with it.

Open for new members: YES
Contact: hbrvaneijk@hotmail.com
More information on: www.facebook.com/groups/368573293614156/?ref=share


Open Your Eyes

You have three eyes✨
Two to look👀
One to see👁

Come over to our dream camp to discover yourself, to have deep conversations, to laugh out loud, or enjoy the silence. Fly away during our magic sauna rituals or try our mouth-watering pancakes every afternoon. Or soak in love and hugs with us around the clock.
Come to us every day from 11:00 to 15:00, incendiary DJ sets are also waiting for you.

The world around you is beautiful and amazing, just Open•Your•Eyes…💓

Open for new members: YES
Contact: makchome@gmail.com