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A regional Burn like Where the Sheep Sleep is not your run-of-the-mill art or music event. Based on the 10 principles of Burning Man, there are a couple of essential differences, which make a Burn such an amazing experience! READ ON for the most important facts and need to knows about the Dutch Burn!

This is 2022 information.

The updated 2023 information will follow soon!

General asked questions



Can I bring?

Do not bring

Build – Before the Event

Strike – After the Event

Leave No Trace

Health & safety

Dream Camps

General most ask questions

What is Where the Sheep Sleep

Hosted by Burning Man Netherlands, Where the Sheep Sleep is an annual multi-day choose-your-own-adventure event in June that features music, art, performances, and expression of all kinds. Based on the principles of radical self-expression, radical self-reliance, decommodification, participation and leaving no trace, it’s really up to each and every participant to create the reality you want to experience. It is a project in alternative society in which every attendee is an active participant integral to the collective experience. Where the Sheep Sleep and Burning Man Netherlands are non-profit organizations entirely run by volunteers.

Is Where the Sheep Sleep the same as Burning Man?

No. They are based on the same 10 Principles, but there are plenty of differences too. Where the Sheep Sleep is far smaller, with around 1,500 participants (though growing every year) compared with 70,000+ at Burning Man. Located in The Netherlands, the majority of participants (although by no means all) are based in Europe, creating a different cultural atmosphere. However, there is a certain degree of crossover in attendees, and many who enjoy one also enjoy the other. We (Burning Man Netherlands) are affiliated to Burning Man in the US, but our events are unique.

What is the location of Where The sheep Sleep?

The exact location for Where the Sheep Sleep is Scouting landgoed Zeewolde, Nulderpad 5, 3896 LV Zeewolde. Check out this link to Google Maps.

I’d like to help out, but honestly, I have no skills. What can I do?

Where the Sheep Sleep is entirely volunteer-organized and run. We always need more help! Skills are less important than a can-do attitude and the willingness to work hard. You could come before the event starts and help set up, or stay after the event and help clear up. There’s also the valuable task of ‘fluffing’ – walking round with water, sunscreen, and snacks to look after people working outside. There are so many ways you can participate! An overview can be found here 

I want to help during the event

During the event, there is a lot to do! Volunteers can greet people at the entrance gate, scan tickets, set up and tear down, clean up messes, and much more… the list is endless. The volunteer sign-up can be found here:

Are you creative? Then consider registering to put on a show, concert, or performance! Love teaching your talents to the world or interested in sparking dialogue? Consider running a workshop!  Budding fashionista? Bring your most fabulous and outrageous outfits (or create them!) Come and visit the InfoHub during the event to see how you can help! Or if you already have an idea, sign up now


To make this event even remotely possible, volunteers are needed in big supply. Lucky for you, volunteering is S*E*X*Y, super fun to do and a great way to make new friends! sign up now

Do I need a ticket if I’m volunteering?

Yes, everyone needs a ticket! This is a volunteer event and every attendee, including volunteers, has paid for a ticket.

Can I offer my own (workshop) program?

Yes, you can, as long as you keep the sound restrictions (see Sound section) and the 10 Principles in mind and be sweet to your neighbors :-). Register your workshop through the workshop form or add it to the info board at the Info Hub at the event, or make your own announcements! Register your workshop to be featured in the What-Where-When Guide:

The What-Where-When Guide will be printed and distributed at the event, so it’s the best way to get the word out there.

If you don’t have an exact location yet, check the list of Dream Camps on to see if you find a matching camp that can offer you a space; if there are no contact details contact

For questions about using Center Camp or the Heart Theater as the location for your workshop, email

Does my name need to be on the ticket?

No the name on your ticket does not need to match the name on your ID.

Is my 2020 ticket valid in 2022

If you already bought a ticket for The Sheep 2020, it is automatically rolled over to 2022’s event. This means you have to do nothing with your ticket – just bring it to the event this summer.


It is essential you print your parking ticket! Place it on your car’s dashboard so it’s visible. Every car requires a parking ticket! Parking is only allowed in the parking area at Nulderpad 5. Please look for signs/volunteers to park accordingly. Your car must be parked in the designated parking area. Cars or other vehicles that are parked outside this terrain can and will be removed by the local authorities and all accompanying costs will be billed to the registered owner. The parking lot opens on Thursday at 13:00 pm. From there it’s about 200m walking distance to the gate.

When does the gate open?

Gate opens Thursday 23 June at 13:00. Due to limited reception please download your ticket at home. Your ticket will be checked and you will be warmly greeted and given a wristband. With the wristband, you are allowed to leave the event area and return as you wish.

Can I leave the event and return?

We encourage you to embrace the Principle of Radical Self-Reliance and bring everything you need so that you do not need to leave. However, if you need to leave and return, please be sure to keep your wristband on. 

Ridesharing and public transport

We encourage you to be creative and find ways to collaborate with other (new) friends to find your way to our fantastic new site. Here are some alternative ways to skip traveling by car. Rideshare: Check this Facebook group to share rides and meet new sheep along the way! 

Due to the seclusion of the event site, public transport is not easy. The nearest bus stop is “SPIEKWEG”, which is a fair bit of walking from the terrain. Bus 142 stops here (but has no service in the weekend), and bus 160 also stops here. This will require some more radical self-reliance from you, so please check the app 9292OV.

Exodus (departure)

The campsites need to be vacated and completely clean following the Leaving No Trace principle, Monday, June 27 by 12:00 p.m. (noon) at the latest. Exodus is expected to be busy, so plan accordingly. It is best to begin packing in the early morning or night before to ensure that you are completely out by 12:00. start packing all your stuff timeously and definitely before 10:00 a.m. Sleepyheads will be woken by the organization! But remember we are not your mother so be radically self-reliant!

If you want to stay for strike (clean-up) Tuesday 28 June please sign up here

Dream Camps: your strike must be complete on Monday as well. If you’d like to extend your burn and stay longer on-site (after Monday 12:00), please sign up here to help teardown on Monday afternoon/evening and Tuesday morning. This means you’ll help your Dream Camp build down as well as the rest of the event, wherever help is needed most.

Leave No Trace

Leaving no trace means just that – leaving no trace that you were ever there. Far from what you might be used to at some festivals, every last beer can and sequin must be disposed of after the event. You are PERSONALLY responsible for every single thing you take to site – all your rubbish must be taken away with you. Leaving no trace doesn’t just mean picking up the odd bit of rubbish though. Once the event finishes, we have to take down all the structures, pack up all the building materials, store it all, and then clear the site of any stray MOOP (matter out of place).

Critically, Leaving No Trace also includes chemicals found in soaps, solvents, and beauty products. PLEASE BRING ECO-FRIENDLY BIODEGRADABLE OUTDOOR SOAP (not just “organic” it must be certified as compatible for camping/nature use). As a reminder, bathing is NOT ALLOWED in the water. Even biodegradable soaps need soil to decompose and cannot be used in open water such as rivers or lakes.

For RV and campervan attendees, it is important to bring something to place underneath the vehicle to catch oil and other fluid leaks. Every drop of oil pollutes 3 square meters of terrain, so it is important we don’t let this happen!

I’m an artist or performer where do I apply?

For art, performance & Live music: For everyone with a creative gift willing to share:

Get Involved

Lead roles

Burning Man Netherlands has 5 main Event Teams called Production, Operations, Community, Logistics, and Arts & Entertainment. Each team has several roles that require both Leads, Co-leads, and General Participants. These roles are fundamental to the production of our events. They are a fabulous way to get to know our community and can help you hone or learn new skills. These roles require a variety of pre-event and on-site contributions, depending on your availability. Find more information about lead & co-lead positions here:

When is the burn happening?

If weather permits (rain of drought) we burn the man on Saturday evening after sunset & the temple Sunday evening. Consider signing up for the fire perimeter to have a unique experience of one of these burns: 


What about camping and survival equipment?

One of our core principles is radical self-reliance. You need to bring everything you’ll need to survive in the harsh dutch climate ;). You definitely need shelter to sleep in (tent, RV, caravan). Cars are not allowed on the event terrain so those are not an option! Remember to bring everything you’ll need to survive for a few days – warm clothes, cool clothes, lights, water bottle, a cup, a jerrycan to carry water to your tent, sleeping bag, pillow, mattress, towel, medication, sunscreen, toiletries, your mooncup, toilet paper… Efficiency third, but, really, camping is more enjoyable if you have your sh*t together. 

As mentioned in Leave No Trace, please be sure to bring only items that are compatible with the terrain (biodegradable soaps, etc.) and will not create MOOP (“matter out of place”, otherwise known as any kind of trash).

What about food and water?

You MUST bring enough food for the duration of the event, there are NO food trucks. The event does have taps for drinking water. But please be prepared! It’s always a good idea to bring a couple of liters in case of an emergency. Remember, to prepare all your food for the long weekend, think of: pots and pans, plate, bowl, knives, forks, spoons, dishcloth, dishwashing liquid, bucket for washing up, coffee maker, cooking equipment. 

Do I have to join a camp?

No, you don’t have to! But a lot of people join together in Dream Camps. You’re welcome to join an existing camp (check out the Dream Camp page to see which camps are still open for members) or set up a new Dream Camp with your friends or new friends. 

Can I set up my tent wherever I want?

No, there are areas specially reserved for Dream Camps and so-called free campers. Please only set up your tent in the marked areas. We need to keep paths, roads and exits clear for emergencies.

What is free camping like?

Free camping is an open space where people can set up a tent and just camp. This is an area you will be totally self-reliant, please bring everything you need to survive while you are free camping. There will be toilets near the free camping area.

What is provided with my ticket?

A place to be, a place to pee & poop and drinking water taps. Toilets will be on various locations on the terrain. So are taps with drinking water, and so are ‘holes in the ground’ that end in the sewer system (so you can get rid of your (filtered) grey water in designated places). There is a project called EHBO with certified first-aid on shifts and fire safety volunteers (please follow the instructions from the Fire Safety Chief and team of fire safety volunteers). 

  • Access to the private event terrain from Thursday June 23 at 13:00 to Monday June 27 at 12:00 (midday).
  • Toilets
  • Drinking water
  • Certified first-aid and fire safety volunteers (EHBO) in case of emergencies
  • A vibrant, accepting community eager for you to express yourself to the fullest!

What is NOT provided with my general ticket?

Everything else is up to you (the participants of Where the Sheep Sleep) to provide for yourself and to share with your community, such as food, drinks, speaker, sound system, shelter, candy, art, hugs, clothing, music, performances, and medical supplies. 

  • Food or drinks
  • Shelter
  • Showers
  • Trash bins/services (everything you bring in, you must take out)

Can I swim in the lake?

The sheep location is right next to a big public lake. You can swim At Your Own Risk! The entrance to the lake is outside the Sheep terrain (in Default World territory). So dress and behave accordingly  😉 No smoking, nudity, or alcohol allowed near or in the lake! Also on the terrain you find two little ponds where you can dip in your toes or go for a skinny dip.

It’s the Netherlands… so no harsh weather environments, right?

Wrong! It can get very cold at night, but it can also get very hot during the day, with occasional rain and resulting mud. The terrain is next to a polder and we know the Netherlands can get stormy sometimes… Be prepared, that’s all we can say!

What if I have an accident?

Please don’t hesitate to go to EHBO with certified first-aid volunteers on shifts.

Is there water on Where the Sheep Sleep site?

Yes and it is drinkable. There will be taps located on various locations on site. Please bring jerrycans to bring the water to your camp or tent.

Will my phone work?

There is limited signal on-site at Where the Sheep Sleep. In some places, you will find some. In the spirit of immediacy, put away your phone and immerse yourself!. We also encourage radical self-expression, which can be hindered if people are taking photos or recording, so this offers an extra reason to leave your phone alone and be immediate.

Is there power?

  • free campers: There is no power option available. Please bring enough batteries or solar panels!
  • RV/campervan: Yes, but you must bring your own extension cords to connect your vehicle to the power. There are no ‘camping’ outlets so bring normal plugs/verloopstekkers. 
  • Registered Dream Camps can also ask for power upon registration of their camp. 


For the RV/campervans:

Every edition of Where the Sheep Sleep we carefully calculate the power needs during the event. And every edition we also calculate what providing all that power will cost.
The camper ticket you bought adds on to our budget to provide you with power (among other things).
Since the event runs on generator power total costs are not cheap. We now have calculated our costs for 1kW to be €57,=.
As you can see the costs of your camper ticket is just about half of that.
The power grid for the camper terrain is now scaled to provide 500W per camper. This is sufficient for a (normal camper size) fridge, some (or lots if LED) lights and a bit extra.
It’s NOT sufficient for airco’s, sound systems, serious electrical cooking and so on. 
Connections will be provided on shuko connectors (normal dutch power outlets). Please bring your own grounded(!!!!!!) power cable to connect to the grid.
If your camper gets to stay in a Dreamcamp, don’t count on the camper connection as an ‘extra’ power group for your camp.

Are there toilets?

Yes, there are several locations on the terrain with toilets, some permanent and some Dixies (porta-loos). Very important: only human waste and  toilet paper can be flushed down the loo. Everything else must be placed in the bin next to the toilet. Remember to bring your own toilet paper.

Are there showers?

No, there are NO SHOWERS on the event terrain. So please bring your own shower. Or group together with friends to offer a shower gift to the playa… human carwash, anyone? Remember, biodegradable shower gel and shampoo are a must when it comes to Leaving No Trace.

Don’t be a darkwad!

Darkwad??? Anyone who walks or rides at night without adequate lighting on the front and back of his/her person. We have chosen a remote location and it can get pretty dark at night. So please bring lights – not only to decorate your camp – but also to light yourself UP!


What’s this about no money and gifting (aka Decommodification)?

Where the Sheep Sleep is a no-commerce event. This means that nothing will be sold during the event, and you aren’t allowed to sell things when you’re there. We encourage you to explore the principles of a commerce-free system, and to gift away to your heart’s content.

Tickets for kids

Children up to 12 years participate for free, for children between 12 and 18 years old there’s a special kids ticket. Children receive a different color wristband since they cannot be served alcohol or cigarettes.

What is provided with my ticket?

A place to be, a place to pee & poop and drinking water taps. Toilets will be on various locations on the terrain. So are taps with drinking water, and so are ‘holes in the ground’ that end in the sewer system (so you can get rid of your (filtered) grey water in designated places). There is a project called EHBO with certified first-aid on shifts and fire safety volunteers (please follow the instructions from the Fire Safety Chief and team of fire safety volunteers). 

  • Access to the private event terrain from Thursday June 23 at 13:00 to Monday June 27 at 12:00 (midday).
  • Toilets
  • Drinking water
  • Certified first-aid and fire safety volunteers (EHBO) in case of emergencies
  • A vibrant, accepting community eager for you to express yourself to the fullest!

What does my ticket price go towards?

Your ticket price goes towards renting the land, paying for toilets, the central structure, security, first aid, storage, and a plethora of other expenses vital to making Where the Sheep Sleep happen. We allocate 10% of the ticket income to art grants. Dream camps charge fees, which are separate from the ticket price (what the camp fee covers depends on the camp, but it may include food, drinks, and the costs of running a really awesome sound system). Burning Man Netherlands is a non-profit organization run exclusively by non-paid volunteers. Your ticket price goes solely to cover the operational expenses of Burning Man Netherlands events — none of it goes into anyone’s pocket

Can I sell my ticket?

 It is possible to sell your ticket(s) (general, kids, high income, RV & parking) at face value to someone else if you are not able to attend after all. Alternatively, consider gifting your ticket to someone. A good way to transfer is by using Ticketswap ( We will be removing individual Ticketswap links on the event page to keep all the exciting information easy to find.

If you have a aided ticket, please email:

If you have a herd-sale ticket, please email

Can I bring?

Underage co-creators (also known as kids)?

Yes! Children of all ages are radically included at Where the Sheep Sleep! But while Where the Sheep Sleep brings out the kid in many adults, it is still primarily an adult atmosphere. You should talk to your kids in advance about the kind of things they might see or hear, and discuss what they will and won’t be OK with. Please note: We consider a ‘parent’ to be anyone legally and, more importantly, emotionally responsible for the health, well-being, and upbringing of a child, whether a genetic parent–child relationship exists or not. From the standpoint of the law, and of responsibility, a child is anyone under the age of 18. They will be wearing a different event bracelet and everyone is expected to adhere to the no alcohol under 18 legislation.

Do I need to bring my own cup?

Just imagine, for a moment, if you will: being offered a refreshing cocktail at an amazing theme camp where you’re dancing your ass off… but you have no cup… So no drink? NO FUN??? Make sure you don’t miss out on any of the gifting and be extra environmentally friendly by bringing your own Cup, Bowl & Cutlery!

Bring Trolleys!!

Everybody ariving after build ened (Thursday) please bring a good faitfull boldercar (trolly) it is quite a little walk with all your gear.

Please keep driving on the pastures for unloading to a minimum to not damage the grass. If heavy rain sets in driving on the field is not allowed. Water first needs to drain off to prevent a mudfest.

Can I wear glitter?

We discourage wearing glitter. Why/ because glitter is considered MOOP (Matter Out Of Place). For both nature and people, it’s hard to tell the difference between eco glitter and regular glitter. Glitter never sticks to your face without losing some wherever you go and so it always ends up where it doesn’t belong.

Can I bring a fire bowl or barrel

If you want to use a fire bowl or barrel, it needs to be elevated off the ground and the grass needs to be protected. For Dream camps, we gave the option to organize this, but for free campers, we did not. Since it will be quite cramped in free camp and unsafe to have an open fire in such a place. The answer is no. Not outside dream camps or outside an art piece.

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) and Camper Vans

RVs and campervans are located in a designated area separate from free camping and Dream Camps. RV camping spots are exclusively for campervans and recreational vehicles, complying with the official demands listed by the Dutch law. (Temporary) remodeled vehicles such as vans and station cars do not apply and will therefore not be allowed on the RV campsite nor the event site. 

An additional RV ticket is needed and is limited to availability. Every vehicle has to have a drip tray underneath the motor for any oil/chemical spillage. You will be checked on this! There must be at least 5 meters distance between RVs. Tents for sleeping are not allowed in the RV area. There is no guarantee of a greywater disposal location in the RV area, so don’t fill up with shower and dishwater too quickly! And remember the available greywater points accept only filtered greywater. There will be power available for RVs, but limited. Every edition of Where the Sheep Sleep we carefully calculate the power needs during the event. And every edition we also calculate what providing all that power will cost.

The camper ticket you bought adds on to our budget to provide you with power (among other things).
Since the event runs on generator power total costs are not cheap. We now have calculated our costs for 1kW to be €57,=.
As you can see the cost of your camper ticket is just about half of that.
The power grid for the camper terrain is now scaled to provide 500W per camper. This is sufficient for a (normal camper size) fridge, some (or lots if LED) lights, and a bit extra.
It’s NOT sufficient for airco’s, sound systems, serious electrical cooking and so on. 
Connections will be provided on shuko connectors (normal dutch power outlets). Please bring your own grounded(!!!!!!) power cable to connect to the grid.
If your got permission to stay with your camper in a Dreamcamp, don’t count on the camper connection as an ‘extra’ power group for your camp.

Cars (default, real world cars)

Parking is only allowed on the parking area at Nuldepad 5. Your car must be parked in the designated parking area and will not be allowed into the event terrain.

Can I bring my bike?

Yes, you can! Electric bikes are definitely not required, our terrain is not that big. But be aware, that the terrain is uneven and you MUST light up your bike and watch out for people. Please do not ride your bike in crowded areas. Sheep don’t have the best eyesight you know…

Can I bring my fire toys?

Yes, you can! However, please follow the safety rules, weather permitting. We will provide safe places to fire spin AND we even have a fire spinning camp and area this year! Seriously folks, don’t set the sheep site on fire!

What not to do, or bring

Drugs & medication

It is illegal by law to carry or trade illegal substances, such as drugs or other mind-enhancing substances. Police and the organization will have the right to check-in luggage, cars, RVs and campervans. Heavy medication, food and fluids necessary for the treatment of allergies or other diseases can only be brought in with a valid medical certificate.

Camera and mobile phone regulations

In order to create a safe space for participants to discover their own boundaries, the use of smartphones to capture photos and videos is discouraged. In fact, more fun is to be had by looking up instead of at your phone. And if you want to take a picture, make sure everyone in frame is in agreement. As a ticket buyer you also agree with our Use of Images. NOTE: DSLR’s, professional gear and lenses are not allowed without an EXPLICIT invitation and agreement from Burning Man Netherlands. If you want to take pictures please contact comms! 

Press and media

This is a private event, specifically designed for the burner community and friends of those within the community. The burner community is defined as those who attend other events that follow the 10 principles. Press, media and (semi) professional with professional gear are ONLY allowed at the event after signing the Media Agreement by Burning Man Netherlands. Based on their proposal a select group will be invited. Any other media creators who haven’t signed or aren’t invited by BMNL will be asked to delete all media and be removed from the premises. Participants who feel limited in their participation by the presence of professional media (gear) are encouraged to notify the organization.

NIX18 / No alcohol < 18

From the standpoint of the law, and of responsibility, a child is anyone under the age of 18. They will be wearing a different event bracelet and all themecamps are expected to adhere to the no alcohol under 18 legislation.

That means No cigarettes and No alcohol for anyone under the age of 18. Even when you’re with your uncle and he’s fine with it, or you turn 18 next week. Sorry kiddo!

Zero tolerance policy

If you are caught with any illegal substance we are required by law to inform local authorities. Consequences can be, but are not limited to, removal from terrain, monetary fines, or jail time. So respect this zero-tolerance policy.

Dogs & other animals

Dogs (and all other animals): love ’em and leave ’em at home. Due to the numerous issues surrounding dogs at events, the organization and the owner of the land have decided not to allow dogs or any animal pets at the event. This decision was made with the utmost concern for the health and well-being of both animals and participants. As fellow participants and animal lovers, we thank you for understanding and implementing this policy.

Sound And Noise Policy

Due to proximity to homes and to ensure early-risers aren’t disturbed too much, amplified sound must be turned off after 01:00 Singing and musical instruments are allowed, however without the use of amplifiers or speakers. There is a daily silence period from 08.00 – 13.00.

Build – Before the Event

What is Build?

Build is 1-4 days prior to the event where all structures are built up. Camps build their camps and the org makes all installations like power, water, toilets, etc. If you join a camp and want to participate in building it up, please coordinate that with your own camp. And if you want to take part in the org Build, the signup is already live (see links below). You must have a ticket and of course, be onsite before the event starts. Build starts on Monday 20 June if you are handy with tools:

or not so handy with tools: or help with deco:
Build days are fun and working with your hands and with other burners is very rewarding.

Build is not a longer event!

When you sign up for Build, with your camp or not,  you’re expected to work and it’s not an excuse to start the party early. We don’t mean build isn’t fun, it’s awesome – it’s most fantastic to see this event coming to life. The goal of Build is to get the essential structures secured before the event starts. 

Are there tools available?

No, please bring the tools you think you might need or ask the community in advance to borrow.

Are there safety clothes available?

No, please the safety garments you will require – safety shoes and reflective vest. If you have spares, please bring them along for your fellow Build teammates.

Are there power generators during build?

For the org team, yes. For the camp builds, there will be limited power available until the start of the event on Thursday and after the event officially closes down on Monday at noon. 

Strike – After the Event

What is Strike?

Strike happens right when the event ends, it’s what we call the clean up and tear down. Strike days are fun and are always shorter than Build. Breaking structures down, packing everything away and cleaning up can feel very satisfying after a long weekend of burning. 

Do I need to stay for Strike?

Yes, you need to clean, clear, and MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) sweep your camp. Monday is striking time for camps, by the end of the day all participants need to leave only footprints! On Tuesday final MOOP sweep and clean up will happen. Join the Strike team to ensure we’re Leaving No Trace on our lush green terrain, sign up for a shift here:  for now its a bit hidden in built.

Oh no, I’ve lost something!

What did you lose, darling? Your mind? Your soul? Your way? Take a look at the Where the Sheep Sleep Facebook event for lost property or post on the wall. During the event, anything of value will be collected by the Info Hub (jewelry, keys, wallets, and mobile phones).

What do I do with my rubbish?

Please ensure you bring adequate rubbish and recycling bags. Please take responsibility for your own mess and set a good example to others – this is a LEAVE NO TRACE event. Read the Leaving No Trace section in this guide for more detailed information. In short, you are responsible for your own rubbish. There will be NO BINS OR COLLECTION SERVICES — you will need to take all of your trash with you. Please read the Leave No Trace section in this guide for more information. 

Leave No Trace

Are there bins at the event?

No! Part of “Leaving No Trace” means keeping all your trash with you and not expecting someone else to dispose of it for you. There will be no trash bins or recycling bins on site.

What's MOOP?

MOOP is an acronym for “Matter Out of Place”, a convenient way of referring to anything that is not originally of the land on which our event takes place. NEVER LET MOOP HIT THE GROUND. Clean As You Go. MOOP attracts more MOOP. When you see trash on the ground, pick it up and take it with you. Let’s keep our playa, campsites and shared areas clean, people. 

What should I do with my trash?

You are responsible for your own trash. If you smoke a cigarette, the butt goes in your bag, back to your tent, and (in your car) home from the event. The same goes for beer cans, packaging, food left-overs – everything! It is never acceptable to think that someone else will take care of your trash. Pack it in, pack it out! NOTE: There will be absolutely NO extra trash disposal facilities on site.

Any tips on how I can avoid being a MOOPy bastard?

Carry a MOOP bag. Wherever you go, carry a small bag to collect any MOOP you generate or find. You can, of course, customise your MOOP bag to make it a part of your playa wear. Weigh items down/don’t let them blow away: put a weight on or tie down anything that can blow away. If you’re a smoker, carry a portable ashtray such as a tin (mint) can with you at all times. Or put butts in your pocket. Never, ever drop butts on the ground. Ask permission before using a camp recycle station if you are not camping with them. Some camps will only be able to deal with their own campers’ rubbish. Separate recycling into glass, plastic & aluminum and cardboard/paper. Do not let bins overflow to avoid MOOP getting out of hand. NEVER burn rubbish! Take it to the waste disposal site once you leave the event terrain. Think ahead: you WILL be taking your trash home with you in your car, so pack accordingly.


How can I create less waste?

Prior to arrival to Where the Sheep Sleep, remove all surplus packaging to minimize waste. Opt for reusable plates and cutlery rather than disposables. Reuse non-recyclable/non-reusable food packaging to collect your waste. Use a single large water jug instead of smaller bottles. Prep your food at home. Pack your food in reusable jars/containers.


Oil pollution

Every oil drop on the ground pollutes 1m2, therefore everything with an engine needs a retainer / piece of wood/oil blanket under it! Please do so, take care of our environment. And also, it’s mandatory, rangers will check.



Soap and grey-water

Please use the sinks as much as possible to dispose of any greywater you collect near your camping spot. If you are going to bathe in the great outdoors, instead of using soap to get yourself clean, just use a washcloth and scrub. Water is an excellent solvent that attaches to dirt and mud and washes it away. Soap only helps to suspend the dirt that water attaches to and rinses it away more quickly and easily.

If you must wash with soap out of doors, use one that is biodegradable and phosphate-free, and use it sparingly. Do all your washing, bathing, or cleaning at least 30 meters from any water source. The best is to dispose of your grey water into the designated sinks or drainage holes around the terrain. Please be aware that you should not fill these with greasy and chunky dishwashing water! We don’t want them to clog, so filter your greywater before disposing of it. 




Bathing in the lake: It’s okay if I use biodegradable soap, right?

Actually, no. Associations struggle with the issue of people lathering up and jumping in the lake. While many of these offenders try to minimize the environmental impact by using biodegradable soap, water quality degradation can still result.

Even if soap is biodegradable, it is not safe to put that soap directly into the water. All soap, whether biodegradable or not, affects lake chemistry in a detrimental fashion. It can also have a negative impact on fish and other aquatic organisms.

Brushing your teeth

Like most soap, most toothpaste is harmful to nature. Pick a biodegradable toothpaste without any fluorides.

Recycling in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, different kinds of waste need to be separated. Separately dispose of:

  • Paper and cardboard waste 🗞
  • Plastic bottles mostly have a deposit to return them in the supermarket
  • Metal and drink packaging (PMD)
  • Green waste 🥗 / Organic waste
  • General waste 🗑
  • Glass

Where can I bring my waste?

You can certainly NOT leave it on-site! Either take it home with you or to a recycling center en route home. The one in Zeewolde is open on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.
Another option is Almere, Oldebroek & Harderwijk


  • Argonweg 81, 1362 AD Almere Poort Open Monday to Saturday from 9.00 to 17.00
  • Vlotbrugweg 36, 1332 AJ Almere Buiten Open Monday to Saturday from 9.00 to 17.00
  • Upcyclecentrum: De Steiger 113, 1351 AK Almere Haven Open Monday to Saturday from 9.00 to 17.00



  • Bovendwarsweg 93 8096 PP Oldebroek, Monday to Friday 07:00 – 17:00
    Saturday: 09:00 – 12:00


  • Snelliusstraat 20 3846 BT Harderwijk, Monday to Friday 07:00 – 17:00

Can I leave my compost (green waste) onsite?

No, you can not. With the number of participants, we will have too much waste for nature to take care of. Everything must go in your car when you leave.

Health & Safety

What is Welfare?

Welfare Enough is open 24 hours, providing a safe empathic place for participants who may be overwhelmed or distressed for any reason whatsoever. Welfare Enough is a calm space run by experienced trusting people where one can recover from and recollect themselves after challenging situations. Welfare Enough does not offer any medical services or help with injuries or physical health issues. Participants can go directly to the Welfare Enough tent without checking in at First Aid.

Wolf Rangers

The Wolves are friendly vegan 😉 wolves and there to help. The Wolf rangers are volunteers dedicated to the safety of the participants of Where the Sheep Sleep. The Rangers are a broad cross-section of the Burning Man Netherlands community who volunteer some of their time in the role of non-confrontational community mediators. They are empowered by the community and Burning Man Netherlands to address safety concerns, mediate disputes, and resolve conflicts when they cannot be resolved by the persons involved. Rangers encourage a community of shared responsibility. Even though these Rangers are not the police, they are to be respected (and hugged, and fluffed when appropriate). Serious matters will be resolved by our on-site professional security team. Directions and requests are to be followed and respected.


Although the Dutch law does not set any restrictions on organizing an event we would like to ask you to bring your own self-test in case you start to feel sick. Welfare is so kind to provide us with a few tests in case you forgot.


Next to hugs and other consensual bodily contact, we know of one visitor at Where the Sheep Sleep, who does NOT respect consent. The Tick! These creepy little critters are out for your blood by attaching themselves in dark and cosy places on your body. We urge everybody to check each other thoroughly on a daily basis. Should you find one, here is how to remove it: 

  1. Use clean, fine-tipped tweezers to grasp the tick as close to the skin’s surface as possible.
  2. Pull upward with steady, even pressure. …
  3. After removing the tick, thoroughly clean the bite area and your hands with rubbing alcohol or soap and water.
  4. Never crush a tick with your fingers.

Are you unsure or nervous to remove a tick yourself? Go to the emergency post on site – they will gladly help you out.

What about personal safety?

Where the Sheep Sleep is built on community and is the chance to make fantastic new friends – especially safely, one step at a time:

Introduce yourself to your neighbors. Work together to keep your neighborhood secure. Let someone know where you’re going if you wander off alone or with a new friend, and check in frequently with the people you know. Make new friends, but be alert to the actions of those you meet. Secure your valuables when away from your camp. Trust your instincts. Remember, Welfare, Rangers and EHBO (medical services) are all volunteering to help keep the event’s participants safe. 

What about sex and consent?

Where the Sheep Sleep can be an environment that is erotically charged, intense, and at times even confusing. We want every participant at this event to feel fully expressed, safe, and empowered to explore and experience positive and beneficial interactions with others in the community. To achieve this, we ask all participants to help co-create Consent Culture, and to help prevent sexual harassment, assault, and other non-consensual behaviours.

What is Consent

Consent is a clear, informed, voluntary, sober, act-specific, person-specific, ongoing/revocable, mutual, and enthusiastic “YES!”


Consent is not just about sexual activity. It’s about navigating all sorts of boundaries! This includes other types of touching (e.g. hugging or spraying people with water), sharing food, beverages, or substances, taking pictures of someone, or assuming you can play with someone else’s toys, instruments or costume items.

It is imperative to know and express your own boundaries and to ask about and respect the boundaries of your fellow participants. SILENCE IS NOT CONSENT! 

Always ask and wait for a ‘Yes’ and remember that ‘No.’ is a full sentence.

Have you experienced a consent violation at the event?

If you need immediate support, please find a Welfare volunteer or Ranger. You can also report incidents ANONYMOUSLY using the gold box at Welfare, or online in English or Dutch after the event. This helps us with prevention planning for future events.

Dream Camps

What is a Dream Camp?

Dream Camps are groups of friends or soon to become friends that get together and create amazing experiences on the playa. And everything they bring is created and organized by the participants. For this you need to apply. see more info on the dream camp page

Can I recieve a grant or funds for (parts of my) camp or the workshops/art/stage that we bring to The Sheep?

Where the sheep sleep is a relatively small burn with limited funds, so we only have the possibility to grant limited funds for (all kinds of) art – not for camps. Most info about bringing art to The Sheep should be on this page 

The form to register also contains info:  There it states where funds are eligible for.

If you still have questions about funds for art (theme camps cannot be funded), please contact our art lead through!

Why can’t I pick my own placement for my camp?

We have limited space, many wishes, a permit with strict regulations and over 25 DreamCamps. We try to accommodate all wishes as best we can. 

Can everyone in my camp camp at the same place as my camp is?

Tents can, although we do advise you to make sure your camp still looks pretty and welcoming. It is also always an option to place your camps tents in the free camping area(s). RV’s and cars can’t.

Can camp members camp their RV’s / (camper)vans next to the camp?

No. RV’s need to be in de Special RV Parking area. An exception is made for art cars and RV’s that are an artyfarty and necessary piece of your camp. (eg. because it’s your sound stage, or your workshops will be held inside). They need to look pretty. No blinking white campervans or metallic work vans. And: you need approval beforehand. Send your request for an art car to! 

(Yes, that could mean that camp members with an RV have to camp outside of your camp(placement). 

Cars aren’t allowed on the Dutch playa at all; you need a parking ticket and leave them on the designated parking area before the gate. Unless you have approval of your vehicle as an art car (Then it is necessary to request approval through the art -form).

Power for your camp

Campers pay for power incl in their camper ticket. Camps however use a lot of power. The luxury here is that we work out the network and supply it and you don’t need to rent noisy generators. But we do have to charge a fee for that. The event is always juggling a bit with the power requests. Please specify your needs as well as you can!

Will there be power available?

Each camp will in principle be supplied with a 16 amp power connection at cost price (price will follow soon).  If you need more (2x or maybe 3x 16AMP), and/or bring a soundcamp, we need to know ASAP. Contact with your needs and fill out the camp registration form, as detailed as possible.

Can I make my own (workshop) program?

Yes, you can, as long as you keep the sound restrictions in mind and be sweet to your neighbors :-). You can also plan your workshop in center camp and/or add your workshops through this form and/or add it to the info board at the info hub – or make your own announcements!

What are the times we are allowed to make (amplified) sound?

Until 1 am we are allowed to make amplified music/sound. +There is a daily silence period from 08.00 – 13.00. Outside of these hours it’s only allowed to play the guitar at the campfire or sing a sweet lullaby.

What times can I build my camp pre- and after- event?

From Tuesday, June 21. 11:00 you are allowed on the terrain to start building your camp. We would love to know what time you are coming, so we can plan accordingly. 

Don’t forget to bring everything you need (tools, materials etc.) – we don’t offer tool rentals :-). Keep in mind that we are building the infrastructure of the event terrain at the same time. Always follow the instructions of our site- en build leads.

We need you to strike your camp ASAP after the event (Monday 27) since we need to have the terrain clear and clean by Monday at the end of the day. If you need longer, you can stay one more night but then you need to help with striking the rest of the event as well.

Tentbooks for tents above 25m2

The event takes place under Dutch law and this also brings…. some bureaucracy. We need a tent book manual of tents above the 25m2 (…WTF!) Yes, but to make thing easy, you can ask this at your rental place. Plus I will place an example copy in our Dreamcamp App group and fill in your details. Sorry for that. Any Q’s…? Please just call me

Fire extinguisher!

Yes, we do like Fire but we love responsible fire. If you have a fire pit or a small burn planned please tell us you will receive a fire stone on the floor. BBQ? Cool but raise it from the ground, we don’t want burn scars see. Remember a fire(pit) should always be guarded. point some one out to stay with the fire or finish it. Therefore we ask everyone for a fire extinguisher + a bucket of water in camp (Seriously, a bucket of WATER is most of the time ALL YOU NEED) TIP: return the extinguisher to the shop afterwards.