All the shifts

All the shifts!

At Where the Sheep Sleep, there are countless opportunities to volunteer and participate in creating the community. There are volunteer shifts available for people of all interests and skill levels.  You’ll have the chance to contribute to our event’s vibrant and unique culture while building connections with fellow participants. Whether you’re interested in art, music, community, or just lending a hand wherever it’s needed, there is sure to be a volunteer opportunity that aligns with your passions. So join us and make the most of your Burning Man experience by giving back to the community that makes it all possible.

  • Build: Very Handy with Tools
    You like to play with tools, you’re not afraid to use them and you want to help build up the various infrastructures needed to make WTSS happen? Or maybe you have a forklift certificate? Join the Build Team! If you’re a wizard with tools, we need you! We have many structures and artworks that need to be built and require a good pair of hands and some common sense.
  • Build: Not so Handy with Tools
    If you love rolling up your sleeves and helping to mark off the area, set up the crew kitchen and all sorts of other activities that don’t directly require tools, then this is your shift.
    You like to build, but not necessarily with tools? Then we would love you to volunteer!
  • Gate & Greeters
    Would you like to welcome people at the gate, check them in to WtSS, check tickets & ID’s, explain the Principles to virgins and overall make all participants feel AT HOME? Then this is your team!
    Greeting is a vital role that helps shape and form the initial perceptions and expectations of virgins, as well as experienced burners and all participants in between. Have fun educating virgins: help them to shed the default world and educate about the 10 Principles. Greeting is the best opportunity to communicate with each and every participant on a one-on-one basis.
    Volunteering with the Gate Crew could also include: Ensuring the steady and efficient flow of people arriving at the gate by helping with ticket checks.
  • Sound&Light Crew Build & During event
    Looking for Sound & Light Guardians! Help us set up sound & lights for those magnificent performances and assist them during showtime. Some tech experience is a definite plus, but we’re also willing to teach. During Build and Strike we take care to set up and take down the power and lights too. Join us to create the awesome systems needed for the gorgeous shows!
  • Decoration All-Round
    Everyone is creative! Help us make obscure tropical gardens with ancient animals and flowers. We have tons of beautiful material and need your hands to build landscapes where the two-legged can find their peace.
    No need to be handy with (heavy) tools. Just come with a ready mind to create some inspiring decor!
  • Consent and Education
    Consent Angels interact with participants in a fun, lighthearted way, with a goal of promoting healthy, empowered consent culture and living by the 10 Principles in a playful way. Angels work in teams of (at least) two. Depending on the shift, they will be at the gate or are free to roam the playa. They are encouraged to visit playa “hotspots”, such as public camp spaces, artworks, gate, bars, dance floors, etc., and to interact with participants on the broad topic of consent as well as the 10 Principles. Consent and education can be playful, considerate, empowering, and can contribute to a feeling of safety and freedom for everyone in the community. The Angels help make gate and playa a memorable experience. You don’t need to be a consent expert to be a Consent Angel! Social skills and a good burner heart is what we are looking for.
  • Fire Perimeter
    Saturday evening (June 25th) we will have a man-burn! For security reasons, this needs a perimeter which is kept by specially instructed Fire Rangers. Be aware that this is a sober shift and that you can not watch the burn directly as you will be facing the audience. It is a very special experience to see the burn reflected in the eyes of the onlookers and you’re helping to keep the experience a safe one for everybody! This shift is intended to be filled by people appointed through the Camp Leads, but individuals are also welcome.We gather at 14:00 at the Shepherd Shack (Production office) for briefing & instruction. The actual burn is around 23:00 (exact time will be announced during instruction). Rest assured, there will be free time to enjoy the event and join the parade.
  • Infohub
    Playa Info is a central location for on-playa information located near Center Camp. It offers a camp directory, lost & found, and Oracles for answering both mundane and esoteric questions. This is also the central point where last minute volunteers can sign up for shifts and team leads.Are you great with people, flexible, creative and enjoy coming in contact with many different people? Infohub is ideal for you! Volunteer in this central part of the communication and flow of information. Shifts are 2 hours long.
  • Leaving No Trace
    Leaving no trace (LNT) is a key Principle of WTSS. Help encourage people to be aware of LNT and actively participate in dealing with Matter Out of Place (MOOP).Complete MOOP sweeps, keep the terrain and also the toilets nice and clean, or tidy up a specific site after a day’s build.
  • Power Rangers
    Dear Sheeple, the herd needs power for all the amazing art, music, lights, performances and overall experience. The power rangers will help set it all up and keep it running during the event. You’ll be the watchdogs when things go wrong and fix the unexpected problems, so a little knowledge / experience will be required. The power is ours! Join our team!
  • Rangers
    Rangers roam the entire WTSS terrain. They are the eyes and ears of the event, they assist where help is needed and they work together with first aid and security to make the event safe and fun. You’ll be sent The Ranger Handbook ahead of the event and Training Sessions will be provided. Join us!
  • Kitchen and Fluffing
    The Kitchen and Fluffing team is responsible for feeding, fluffing, hydrating all the hungry hard working volunteers. It is extremely important to give our volunteers love during Build and the event.
    As the Kitchen team, you will help prepare and hand out meals and clean up afterwards. The Fluffing team is responsible to keep our hard workers hydrated and fed in between meals, during Build, so you’ll be making rounds on the terrain to reach volunteers with drinks and snacks.
  • Parking Supervisor
    Sign up for a parking shift: you’ll be responsible for the good guidance of cars and campers / caravans to the relevant designated areas, also for the proper conduct of the kiss & ride system. Help the parking Lead to coordinate during Build before the event – perhaps via Walky Talky depending on how busy it is.
  • Runner / Driver prior, during and after
    We need runners who can pick up and bring things to the venue and back, before the event, during the event and after the event. Have a driver’s licence and a vehicle? Please join us in this crucial role.
    May & June
    During and after:
  • Strike
    Sorry, it’s over, all the beauty that has been created must also be taken away again! Help the team break down, clean up and pack away. This shift is so important, please don’t forget that many people have been preparing for months and really need many extra hands when it’s time to Strike.
  • Welfare
    An event like Where the Sheep Sleep needs the active participation of dedicated Sheeple to create this awe-inspiring event! Welfare needs volunteers who are willing to share their gift of abundant compassion and empathy to assist those who may be confronted with personal challenges at the event.
    Those who have experience with holding space and caring for others will have preference. Ideally we would like participants to volunteer for at least 2 shifts with one being a night shift. Important: To participate with Welfare we have a few additional questions we ask you to answer. There will be training sessions on site to guide all volunteers on how to handle varied situations. Volunteers will always be paired with experienced team leads during shifts.
  • Shit Officers
    Join the dedicated team of Sanifaries! Together, we’ll make sure the toilets are sparkling clean. This is a really important role, which makes the overall experience more enjoyable for everyone. And don’t forget – champagne in the bathrooms!
  • Water & Sewage Crew 2023
    Help us setting up and maintaining the water and toilet infrastructure! This is mainly build and some maintenance during the event in cooperation with the Shite Officers
  • Temple Build
    We are looking for dedicated individuals who are willing to lend their time and skills to help with the construction of this temple. As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to work with a team of like-minded people, learn new skills, and contribute to the creation of a beautiful and meaningful structure. The work will involve a range of tasks, from manual labor to artistic craftsmanship, so there are opportunities for people of all skill levels to get involved. If you are passionate about building, community, and spirituality, we invite you to join us in this meaningful project.
  • Atmosphere Coordinator – Lead position
    Where the Sheep Sleep is looking for an Atmosphere Coordinator! As Atmosphere Coordinator you are coordinating the decoration for Centre Camp, The Gate and a few other places that aren’t part of Theme Camps or free camp.
    We have some materials in our storage unit, think about rugs, sofa’s and some creative objects. However, we always need more materials to make the site awesome!
    Your responsibilities are, amongst others:

    • Arranging decoration preferably at no costs (think Marktplaats, FB, etc)
    • Setting up communal projects to create deco such as crafternoons
      Coordinate deco with the other leads to see where it is needed

  • Centercamp: Hello, welcome to the Center Camp Family! Center Camp is a comfy & cozy home that we build, run and have fun together. It is the place to chill out, to find shelter and enjoy the sweet delights of the burn. Whether you have a camp or free camping, everyone is welcome to grab a cup of tea & coffee. Beautiful gifts from the community will be shown at Centercamp, like performances, live music, workshops and soooo much more! AND This year we ask all Sheeple to GIFT cookies & fruits, for when you need some sweetness in your life!

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This is your chance to participate and co-create what will become Where the Sheep Sleep 2023

Are you a very welcoming and hospitable person or steadfast and structured? Maybe you are a performer with a great network or a very caring person. Either way, a great chance we‘re looking for you! For Lead and Co-Lead positions.