Where the Sheep Sleep

2023, 22 – 26 June

– a Burning Man Netherlands Summer Event –


Where The Sheep Sleep

Where The Sheep Sleep is more than just a celebration of community:  it is a massive, immersive, interactive playground that we all build and live in for four days.

It is an opportunity for everyone to be the most amazing and unexpected version they can be.

Tickets going live 11/02 at 11:02

Where the Sheep Sleep is an entirely participant-driven event. The participants make the event what it is. That means YOU are in charge of your own experience!

Wake up your Herd and alert your friends because early sheep tickets will go on sale on Saturday, 11/02, at 11:02

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Dream Camps

Dream Camps are the interactive core of Where the Sheep Sleep. They create a visually stimulating environment,  provide  communal space, and opportunity for interaction.

Whether that be a gifted bar, yoga sessions, poetry reading or just a spot to cuddle and dance your ass off…


Art is a fundamental part of Where the Sheep Sleep. The term art is quite large, encapsulating everything from large installation structures and sculptures, sound installations, art cars, participatory workshops & live performances.

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Imagine this, a wide open field as your playground and performance space, surrounded by hundreds of like-minded people eager to participate with you. It is your chance to shine in dance, comedy, singing, acting or plain buffoonery that deserves an audience!

Step up and register your performance and we will find the best time and place for you to sparkle!

Survival Guide

Whether you have been to Burning Man, Nowhere or any other Burner gathering, this guide is a must-read for all participants