Where the Sheep Sleep 2022

Shepherds of the Flock

There is no Burn event without the love, hard-working sweat and (hopefully minimized) tears from all the participants. Our gratitude is endless towards the leads who work effortlessly with all volunteers, without whom this amazing energy wouldn’t be possible.

  • Kim (Maizena)
    Kim (Maizena) Ranger co-lead

    Got my burn name by bringing people together (and if needed, guide them as a herd, haha). Let’s make The Sheep burn together, preferable by staying alive! (You know what they say: if you die at a burn, you die in real life too)

  • Sjoukje (Suki)
    Sjoukje (Suki) Signup Lead
  • Pete (Bigfoot)
    Pete (Bigfoot) Safety Lead
  • Annelien
    Annelien Event Lead


  • Jurgen (Bos)
    Jurgen (Bos) Art / placement / Man / terrain lights
  • Gitta
    Gitta Dream Camps lead

    DreamCamps Lead / Helps the Dream Camps make their dreams come true
    (Afrika)burner since 2015, Sheep since the very first one in 2016. I adore the art, creativity, open(minded)ness and community-feeling of burns. So it feels great to put my organizational and communication skills into good use for the Burning Man community!

  • Maarten (brandweerman Sam)
    Maarten (brandweerman Sam) Safety co-lead
  • Ilana (de lach/ the laugh)
    Ilana (de lach/ the laugh) Event lead/ Shepherd

    Beautiful projects are simply irresistible! Been visiting burns since 2014 and simply love participating in an event with so many creative souls.

  • Bart (BunnyMan)
    Bart (BunnyMan) Ranger Lead

    Bart/BunnyMan here. Burning since 2014. I try to manage the Rangers within the Safety Team. Rangers are *not* security, they are members of the community who dedicate some of their time to keeping you safe but will recede into the shadows as soon as things can be left riding on the edge of chaos in a safe way.

    This may be in a mediating role or in another supporting role, but never there to be part of the problem. Rangers may scale up to Welfare, EMS or security, but only if it is *really* needed.

    My favorite principle is “Radical Inclusion”. You will always be welcome to me, as long as both your and my boundaries are honored.

  • Norna
    Norna Site Marcom
  • Remco
    Remco music co-lead
  • Anne (Koala)
    Anne (Koala) Comms

    Part of the comms teams and known to have an opinion and enthusiasm about everything! My burn story began in 2016 by participating in Black Rock City, and it has changed my life forever. The sheep is my baby and I cant wait to get back and sip nice crisp cold bubbles on our dutch playa.

  • Mirjam (Tinkerbell)
    Mirjam (Tinkerbell) Temple lead & Atmosphere
  • Denise (Pussy Riot)
    Denise (Pussy Riot) Volunteer Lead

    I am an Amsterdam based burner. The very first Where The Sheep Sleep in 2016, was where I lost my burn virginity. I immediately fell in love with the community. I love to create, make people laugh and spread love.

    My favourite burn memory is the burn of one of the art pieces at Africa Burn. It was a crab with two slides. Every night I opened the night by sliding from the crab (I will never grow up!).

    I am ready to make more beautiful memories at our beloved Sheep.

  • Linda
    Linda Gate co-lead

    At the big burn in 2017 I finally found my people. Since then I’ve attended quite some European burns. Every burn I’m blown-away by what we can create if we do it together. I love to be amazed, meet new people and share my smiles 🙂

  • Helena (Overheersbeestje)
    Helena (Overheersbeestje) info hub

    I figured the best way to experience my first burn would be by helping out organising the event! Very much looking forward to it

  • Clara (Vlinder)
    Clara (Vlinder) Tech Co-Lead

    “Hi, I’m Clara! But you can also call me Vlinder, which is the playa
    name given to me by the sweetest little girl at Where the Sheep Sleep in
    2019. I’m hailing from Arnhem in the Netherlands and this will be my
    3rd Sheep.

    This event holds a special place in my heart because here is where,
    after a lifetime of hiding, I finally found myself and learned to accept
    myself for who I really am. Thanks to the amazing people in this
    welcoming community and the 10 principles of which “radical inclusion”
    and “radical self-expression” were key to my self-discovery.

    I’m super happy to be joining the Tech Team this year as Co-Lead and,
    together with my team mates, help provide us with the power, light and
    sound to make this a magical event again.”

  • Pepijn (Peppie&Kokkie)
    Pepijn (Peppie&Kokkie) Tech Lead
  • Jess
    Jess Director of Racoons (on-site build lead)

    My passion is guiding folks to their co-creative dreams on the build crew – turning an empty field into our dreamland. California born and raised, I’m a proper old school crusty burner who has been with the Sheep since 2016 – no matter where I am in the world, my heart is always with the Sheep!

  • Julie
    Julie music lead
  • Klaas
    Klaas Build lead

    What is a burn without center camp, temple, man and other mindblowing objects and structures????
    Join our build team and help us to invent, create and build them yourself at one of the most challenging worksites with the best possible co workers. You dont have to be super handy or an expert with machines, we help and join you so you can amaze us and yourself. Love to see you at the playa, hugs Klaas.

  • Sander (Side Lead :-) )
    Sander (Side Lead 🙂 ) site lead
  • Doriene (Melisandre)
    Doriene (Melisandre) Hospitality lead

    Let’s sail away into our dreams! Let your creative soul out, wander, wonder and see where we end up

  • Nicol (Coliflower)
    Nicol (Coliflower) Comms
  • Lars (Octopus)
    Lars (Octopus) Atmosphere lead

    Love to create a fairy tale with all of you. My passion is playing with ideas; hope for a playful imagination!

  • Klaartje (Part of the Oralpaca )
    Klaartje (Part of the Oralpaca ) Gate Lead

    I love to meet and connect with people from all over the world. I have been to Burning Man twice and joined some regional burns, all amazing experiences. This will be my first Sheep! Very excited to welcome you all at the Gate and create some magic together!

  • Tamara
    Tamara ArtJump lead
  • Wolf
    Wolf TicketMaestro

    The one who fiddles with all the types of shops and entries to make sure that everyone who wants to get in, will get in!
    Understands your panic and despair (looking at you RV owners) but cannot be deterred by any Siren’s Song. Come by and hug him in person as the campdaddy of Tiger&Wolf!

  • Marijke (Dancing Queen)
    Marijke (Dancing Queen) co-volunteers org
  • Elise
    Elise Welfare lead
  • Erin (Lady Mac)
    Erin (Lady Mac) Consent Lead

    Lady Mac has been burning since 2008. She brings her experience from working with the ‘Consent Crew’ at festivals and events in Vancouver Canada to her current role at WtSS. Come say hello!

  • Mar
    Mar Consent Co-lead
  • Nanc
    Nanc Infohub/dreamcamps

    Ik ben altijd mezelf, mag jij ook zijn.
    Dit wordt mijn vierde schaap, waarvan de derde keer de infohub.
    Kom vooral naar me toe, ik help je graag. Ik ben aangesloten bij kamp Eus op de schaapjes.


Would you like to join the fun in realizing one of the most creative and free-spirited events? Please join us!

Volunteering makes you 100% sexier and gets you loads of karma points! Next to being an essential part of the Sheep-glory, this is the best way of meeting new friends for life!