Where the Sheep Sleep 2023

Shepherds of the Flock

There is no Burn event without the love, hard-working sweat and (hopefully minimized) tears from all the participants. Our gratitude is endless towards the leads who work effortlessly with all volunteers, without whom this amazing energy wouldn’t be possible.

  • Maarten (brandweerman Sam)
    Maarten (brandweerman Sam) Safety co-lead
  • Vincent (FiXit)
    Vincent (FiXit) Build lead

    As a build lead, I make sure that all our construction and practical jobtasks are taken care of . For me the best reward ever is to see all the magic after working up in sweat and creating something together. Build it, fix it and enjoy it! Come as a volunteer during the build and we will enjoy this feeling together, and who knows afterwards we might have a cold drink with it. We will FiXit!l

  • Helena (Overheersbeestje)
    Helena (Overheersbeestje) info hub

    I figured the best way to experience my first burn would be by helping out organising the event! Very much looking forward to it

  • Gitta
    Gitta Dream Camps lead

    DreamCamps Lead / Helps the Dream Camps make their dreams come true
    (Afrika)burner since 2015, Sheep since the very first one in 2016. I adore the art, creativity, open(minded)ness and community-feeling of burns. So it feels great to put my organizational and communication skills into good use for the Burning Man community!

  • Sander (Side Lead :-) )
    Sander (Side Lead 🙂 ) site lead
  • Pepijn (Peppie&Kokkie)
    Pepijn (Peppie&Kokkie) Tech Lead
  • Anne (Koala)
    Anne (Koala) Comms

    Part of the comms teams and known to have an opinion and enthusiasm about everything! My burn story began in 2016 by participating in Black Rock City, and it has changed my life forever. The sheep is my baby and I cant wait to get back and sip nice crisp cold bubbles on our dutch playa.

  • Norna
    Norna Site Marcom
  • Mar
    Mar Consent Co-lead
  • Annelien
    Annelien Event Lead


  • Ilana (de lach/ the laugh)
    Ilana (de lach/ the laugh) Event lead/ Shepherd

    Beautiful projects are simply irresistible! Been visiting burns since 2014 and simply love participating in an event with so many creative souls.

  • Nicole
    Nicole shitE Officers

    I am joining the burner community since 2019. Volunteering and creating together makes it easy to connect and to have fun. I am always blown away by the clean toilets on a saturday evening. As a lead i see the great organization behind the sheep. To get involved as a lead for the “shit officers“ with co lead So we create funny games for your toilet shift. I’m looking forward to welcome and connect with you on the playa.

  • Mirjam (Tinkerbell)
    Mirjam (Tinkerbell) Temple lead & Atmosphere
  • Nanc
    Nanc Infohub/dreamcamps

    Ik ben altijd mezelf, mag jij ook zijn.
    Dit wordt mijn vierde schaap, waarvan de derde keer de infohub.
    Kom vooral naar me toe, ik help je graag. Ik ben aangesloten bij kamp Eus op de schaapjes.

  • Linda
    Linda Gate co-lead

    Every burn I’m blown-away by what we can create if we do it together. I love to be amazed, meet new people and share my smiles 🙂

  • Jurgen (Bos)
    Jurgen (Bos) Art / placement / Man / terrain lights
  • Sjoukje (Suki)
    Sjoukje (Suki) Signup Lead
  • Bart (BunnyMan)
    Bart (BunnyMan) Power Ranger

    Burning since 2014. As generators are not allowed on the terrain Where the Sheep Sleep is one of the few burns to provide you with a bit of electricity (power hungry camps need to communicate!)

    We are aiming for a safe and functional infrastructure to make the lights burn, the music sound and the art go bzzzzt! Lots of help needed with build and strike as this involves a LOT of LONG cables to run out!

    During the event we also needs some people to keep the lights burning. A bit of technological knowledge helps a lot, but we will show you the ropes!”

  • Els
    Els Sign lead

    This is a sign! Since visiting Black Rock City in 2015 I’ve been inspired by the Burning man community and principles. I love working and playing together with others. As Signage Lead I’ll be making sure everyone finds their way exactly to where they need to be :-). Come and find me (at Tiger&Wolf) for some acroyoga as well!

  • Pete (Bigfoot)
    Pete (Bigfoot) Safety Lead
  • Jess
    Jess Director of Racoons (on-site build lead)

    My passion is guiding folks to their co-creative dreams on the build crew – turning an empty field into our dreamland. California born and raised, I’m a proper old school crusty burner who has been with the Sheep since 2016 – no matter where I am in the world, my heart is always with the Sheep!

  • Remco
    Remco music co-lead
  • Emily (FlufFit)
    Emily (FlufFit) Fluff lead

    I am Fluffit and feel very lucky to have the responsibility to fluff up all our volunteers during Burning Man NL events. I have been burning since 2017 and Communal Effort is my favourite principle. Every event I am amazed at what the burning man community is able to pull off and how volunteers step up and co-create. Meanwhile I get to get creative with drinks and snacks to make sure the volunteers are in te best shape to make magic happen. Come say hi to me at our next event and i will make sure to FluF You UP!

  • Doriene (Melisandre)
    Doriene (Melisandre) Hospitality lead

    Let’s sail away into our dreams! Let your creative soul out, wander, wonder and see where we end up

  • Klaartje (Part of the Oralpaca )
    Klaartje (Part of the Oralpaca ) Gate Lead

    I love to meet and connect with people from all over the world. I have been to Burning Man twice and joined some regional burns, all amazing experiences. Very excited to welcome you all at the Gate and create some magic together!

  • Julie
    Julie music lead
  • Marijke (Dancing Queen)
    Marijke (Dancing Queen) co-volunteers org
  • Lorenzo
    Lorenzo Ranger lead
    Burner since 2016, sheep since 2019. Burning for the love of the art, the people, the adventures, and the random shenanigans, and doing my best for everyone to enjoy their burn as much as I do!
  • Wolf
    Wolf TicketMaestro

    The one who fiddles with all the types of shops and entries to make sure that everyone who wants to get in, will get in!
    Understands your panic and despair (looking at you RV owners) but cannot be deterred by any Siren’s Song. Come by and hug him in person as the campdaddy of Tiger&Wolf!

  • Sander / IceBlok
    Sander / IceBlok LNT Lead

    Pack it out, pack it in. Leave no trace. Educate, advocate and making sure we, as Burners, don’t leave anything or anyone behind. Burning since 1963 and still learning.


Would you like to join the fun in realizing one of the most creative and free-spirited events? Please join us!

Volunteering makes you 100% sexier and gets you loads of karma points! Next to being an essential part of the Sheep-glory, this is the best way of meeting new friends for life!