Get involved

By purchasing a ticket, you’re committing to participate in the ongoing creation of this community, under the guidance of the fundamental Burning Man principles.

…and there’s no aspect of creating an experience that you can’t get involved with! Whether toting a radio with our heroic rangers team, building essential infrastructure, greeting the sheep arrivals, creating décor and signage, or drafting genius web content, volunteers are the lifeblood of our community, and the best possible way to immerse yourself in the Burn experience. Links to sign up as ranger, greeter, build or strike will be available a few weeks before the event.

This is your chance to participate and co-create what will become Where the Sheep Sleep 2023

Are you a very welcoming and hospitable person or steadfast and structured? Maybe you are a performer with a great network or a very caring person. Either way, a great chance we‘re looking for you! For Lead and Co-Lead positions.

All the forms

Looking for a specific application form? Then look no further! Here are the links to toute les FORMS:


All the shift

During the event, we have many shifts to fill! One burner one shift (at the minimum). You find all the shifts here:

Rangers: Rangers are members of the community who gift some of their time to be sure that everybody is safe. Ranger shifts are 4 hours in which you are expected to keep sober but are totally free to roam the fields and interact with people, camps and art. Sign up here

Blabber sheep reporter: The Blabbersheep is the daily newsletter of Where the Sheep Sleep. We need content for that! You find the newsworthy stories on our green playa and if they are not exciting enough you can add some excitement yourself! Our mission is to deliver somewhat true and somewhat trustworthy news to our Sheep! You will get a press card that identifies you as a journalist, not that this will help you in any way but it is nice to have one! Sign up here

Welfare: An event like Where the Sheep Sleep needs the active participation of dedicated sheeple to create this awe-inspiring event! Welfare needs volunteers who are willing to share their gift of abundant compassion and empathy to assist those who may be confronted with personal challenges at the event. Those who have experience with holding space and caring for others will have preferences. Ideally, we would like participants to volunteer for at least 2 – 3 shifts with one being a night shift. Important: To participate with Welfare we have a few additional questions we ask you to answer. The link to the form is after the shift selection. There will be training sessions on-site to guide all volunteers on how to handle varied situations. Volunteers will always be paired with experienced team leads during shifts. Sign up here

Gate: Would you like to welcome people at the gate, check them in to WtSS, check tickets & ID’s, explain the principles to virgins and overall make all participants feel AT HOME? Then this is your team! Sign up here

Consent Angels and Education: Consent Angels interact with participants in a fun, lighthearted way, with a goal of promoting healthy, empowered consent culture and living by the 10 Principles in a playful way. Angels work in teams of (at least) two. Depending on the shift, they will be at gate or are free to roam the playa. They are encouraged to visit playa “hotspots”, such as public camp spaces, artworks, gate, bars, dance floors, etc., and to interact with participants on the broad topic of consent as well as the 10 Principles. Consent and education can be playful, considerate, empowering, and can contribute to a feeling of safety and freedom for everyone in the community. Share examples of your own experiences and stories! The Angels help make gate and playa a memorable experience. You don’t need to be a consent expert to be a Consent Angel! Social skills and a good burner heart is what we are looking for. Sign up here

Build Very Handy with Tools 2022: You like to play with tools, you are not afraid to use them, and want to help build up the various infrastructures needed to make Where the sheep sleep happen? Also within this signup, you will find a shift for forklift drivers

Build not so Handy with Tools 2022: If you love rolling up your sleeves and helping to mark off the area, set up the crew kitchen and all sorts of other activities that you don’t directly need tools for, then this is your shift. 

Decoration 2022: Love to make your visual fantasy come to life and have a great imagination

Power Rangers: “Oh wonderful Sheep, the herd needs power for all that amazing art, music, lights and overall experience. Setting it up and maintaining it takes a lot of hands. We need you. It will be a very dark and silent Sheep without you.
The power rangers will help set it up and keep it running during the event. You’ll be the watchdogs when things go wrong and fix the small problems. A little knowledge comes in handy, but the build will be pretty straight forward”

Technical Build and Sound Guardians: “Looking for those Sound&Light tech savvy Sheep! From Wednesday on we need you to setup the sound systems and lights in different area’s. During the event we run Sound on some stages. The latter is a specialized shift.

Leave No Trace: This role has mainly event duties. However, you might want to come to a few pre-event meetings and think about the following things in advance: How to make the daily MOOP sweeps fun (MOOP = Matter Out Of Place) Education people on leaving no trace Come up with sustainable LNT ideas sign up here

Runner/driver pre-event: We need a runner who can pick up and bring things to the venue 2 days before the event. 

Fire Perimeter 2022:  Saturday evening (June 25th) we will have a man-burn! For security reason this needs a perimeter which is kept by specially instructed Fire Rangers. PLEASE CHECK THE DESCRIPTION ABOUT THE TIMES! Be aware that this is a sober shift and that you can not watch the burn directly as you will be facing the audience. It is a very special experience to see the burn reflected in the eyes of the onlookers and you are helping to keep the experience a safe one for everybody! This shift is intended to be filled by people appointed through the Camp Leads, but individuals are also welcome! We gather at 14:00 at the Sheperd Shack (Production office) for briefing & instruction. The actual burn is around 23:00 (the exact time will be announced during instruction). Rest assured, there will be free time to enjoy the event and join the parade, but please be onsite in time!! In the event the burn is postponed or moved to another time, you will be notified.  Sign up here

Parking Supervisor: In this shift, you are responsible for good guidance of the campers/caravans to the relevant places, also for the proper conduct of kiss and ride and scanning of tickets before the event has started. Sign up here

Strike Sorry, it’s over, all the beauty that has been created must unfortunately also be taken away again. This shift is so important, do not forget that many people have been preparing for months and really need all the extra hands. Sign up here