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January 2023 update! We are back in Zeewolde for 2023!

Due to changes by the venue owner, we are looking for new fields to frolic in!

Our current venue has informed us that another client has booked the terrain for our designated Sheep date (last weekend of June 22-26).  They can host us one weekend later, 29-3 July. Also, they will enforce the new municipal restrictions for no music after 1 AM.

This news makes that we would like to explore other terrain options as soon as possible (terrain and event dates are essential factors before we can go live with ticket sales and production). Please dig into your brains and let us know of any terrain you visited and loved.


Preferred June 22-26 (event days) (June 19-27 including set-up/breakdown).
Upcoming years also starting Monday, ending Tuesday, including the last weekend of June.

  • 16-20 acres minimum (now 11/12 acres)
  • Space for approximately 200+ campers
  • Preferably possibility to grow in the future
  • Far from urban area’s
  • Sound permit (night)
  • Different fields/areas
  • Forest / greenery
  • Possibility to burn
  • Drained or forest terrain is best

Why that weekend? And what about the temple?

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Why that weekend?

The weekend was chosen considering the many different events that take place in the event season. Changing the date brings us incredibly close to o Nowhere (3-9 July 2023). We find being so close to Nowhere not ideal because we have a lot of participants that are very active in both events

The temple

We started realizing a growing temple just last year on the grounds. It’s a magical project for which notable participants have put in many hours, for which we are eternally grateful. Although it saddens us that we can’t take this temple with us, we envision new grounds that will give us new possibilities.

What if we don’t find a new location for 2023?

We are now discussing until when we keep looking for a new terrain. Because the creation of an even like the sheep takes time! And for this, knowing where & when it will be held is crucial. If we stay, it will be a slightly quieter burn with hopefully lots of campfires at night, acoustic music & deep conversations.

The ground we are currently visiting

  • Maasvlakte
  • Suikerterrein
  • Mariahoeve
  • Landgoed Velder

No go’s

Kraggenburg – Nick has spoken with them. They are very enthusiastic about us. But the municipality got stricter and awarded only 3-4 sound permits yearly. Currently, we are also too small to offset income from the campsites

Long list

With an extensive community come big ideas, and we have already received these tips. Take me to the long list!