Community initiatives

Our community is rich in ideas & keen to execute them. What is even more awesome is they want you to participate. It’s a pity that all these cool ideas are hard to find. Here we try to create an overview. Contact the people directly to participate or help. Want your idea published? Then fill in the form. We do handle these in playa time.


Container Clean-Up Burning Man Netherlands

SATURDAY, 13 MAY 2023 FROM 10:00-17:00, papegaaiweg 1 wenum wielsem

We’re organizing a container clean-up day! And we need your help! We’re looking for people willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work.
We need people with muscles willing to show off their skills by moving heavy things in, out, and around the container. We have some heavy-duty stuff, but we know you’re up for the challenge!
We also need people with organizing skills to sort everything and ensure it’s properly disposed of or recycled. Of course, we’re not afraid to get dirty and throw away what needs to go. Still, we’re also excited to find new ways to recycle and reuse things we never thought possible before.
If you’re someone who knows how to “Tetris,” we could definitely use your help! And if you like taking pictures, we’d love you to help us create a “what’s in there” list.
Of course, we want everyone to have fun while we work hard, so bring your best fluffing skills and make this a memorable experience!
Join us for a day of giving back to the community and having fun with great people. We can’t wait to see you there!
Let us know if you can be there! Bring some snacks and drinks to share!