Community initiatives

Our community is rich in ideas & keen to execute them. What is even more awesome is they want you to participate. It’s a pity that all these cool ideas are hard to find. Here we try to create an overview. Contact the people directly to participate or help. Want your idea published? Then fill in the form. We do handle these in playa time.


Pimpster Saturday

Saturday June 4, 12:00 – 18:00. Cleaning and pimping the little Efteling boat that will take visitors to the Willow Temple island at WtSS 2022

Please send 4everJang a message on facebook

Crafternoons | Plexiglas building

With the sheep almost around the corner, it’s time to start the pre-gaming uh crafting 😉. During this first crafternoon, we will create colorful creative lightning effects made out of plexiglass to decorate the sky of our green meadows. And just like you, we can’t wait to admire these while we dance the night away! So join us during these fun afternoons filled with… crafting! We need a minimum of 6 people! So poke your friends and bring your mother.

Sunday, 22 may 2022 from 12:00-18:00

Haarlemmerstraatweg 79
1165 MK Halfweg
Snacks & Drinks
Good mood
Boormachine if you have one
Please send Lars an email if you want to join – or

Heart theatre

No plans for Koningsdag (Wednesday 27 April)? We have an idea of what you could do! Help us move the heart theatre from Zeewolde to Deventer. Our Hero The Peekinator was gifted an amazing theatre for the community to use, but it needs more love. That’s where you come in: we need your help to move it.

  • When: 27 April
  • Where: Zeewolde to Deventer
  • Needed: 1 driver with BE driver’s license (we need to pull a long trailer)
  • What: 6 strong arms to help load & unload


Send Peek a message or call him directly (+31 6 24663986)


Sheep choir

See the below excitable message from Julie, our divine Live Music lead:

Dear Sheeple!
We are looking for singers to join our amazing ‘Flock of Sheeples’ choir!
Interested?? Wanna know all about it? Send me an email:
Together with Remco Visker i’ll be your music shepherd and one of the ideas for this year’s Sheep is to SING together when the Man Burns!
So please, feel free, don’t be shy, and if you are, let us help you overcome your shyness.
Can’t wait to hear you!

Here some updates:

  • We already have more than 20 singers that have joined and many more to follow (because when 1 Sheep has crossed the… oh let’s not go there! 🙂)
  • Deadline to apply for the choir will be set for the end of May (no last minute singers I’m afraid!)
    Maaike and Roeland have offered to help write arrangements for the vocalists and we’ll be filming Roeland as conductor, so people can practice their parts at home. (you don’t have to read sheet music btw.)
  • Flock of Sheeples will sing during Man Burn on the Saturday night, of course it would be amazing to add visuals, lasers, so please get involved and bring your lasery wizardry!

Jessica & the Black Sheep Bar!

As you all know by now,
the Black Sheep Bar is by now becoming a steady fixture at The Sheep this year too!

She will return!!
And.. She ended up in Camp ♡♡♡ Failed telesheepish meowhat(?) black sheep shitshow of cosmic proportions AKA fuck it ♡♡♡ Or… A little shorter… Camp AKA. That camp there with all the fire spinning & that cool-ass meheheing bar, you know?

Our camp is a medium sized camp, and as a result somewhat limited on resources. And because Sheep almost doubled in size this year, it turns out tricky to fund for the entire duration of the event.. That´s why we are starting a crowdfunding now, to be able to provide cool drinks for everyone, and of course a nice place with music and flames. Sounds good? Drinks meaning cold and fresh beer, Sodas, (nonalcoholic) Cocktails […]

So that´s why we unhumbly ask you to donate a little! Stay hydrated & come over to feel weird and great.

Jessica & Team love you ♡
See you at home!

Link to donate: