Ticket information 2023

General Sale

Regular event tickets for 2022, RV tickets, kids tickets & parking tickets. 

Start general sale: 11-02-2023 11:02

Ticket Aid Program

We offer a limited number of Aided Tickets (formerly known as Low-Income Tickets or LITs), which are 50% of the regular ticket price.
Aided ticket form open 11-02-2023 11:02
(review dates to be announced later)

Herd sale

Register your DreamCamp and secure tickets for your whole group in this special sale (see more and how to apply in the section below)

Herd sale (limited tickets): 01-04-2023

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EVERYONE needs a ticket. That includes volunteers, performers, artists, musicians, workshop facilitators, seasoned burners, first-time burners, EVERYONE. Standard ticket price for this year’s Sheep is €147.50, which covers entrance for 1 person for the duration of the event.

Herd Sale

Since Where the Sheep Sleep 2020 tickets sold out, and we had no events to plan for the last couple years, we’ve leveraged the time to dream of the future. And our future looks like: DREAMCAMPS! Also known as ThemeCamps. To support and encourage the Dutch Burner community to build playa-essential hubs, we’re introducing Herd Sale tickets.


Herd Sale – our newest ticket structure – is inspired by the similar process (Stewards Sale/Direct Group Sale) established at Burning Man US. Herd Sale tickets are granted to a group of burners creating a DreamCamp / ThemeCamp, bringing experiences to the playa, likely combining virgins (first time burners) and experienced burners into collective camps. A camp can apply for tickets for their members (which are separate from the now-scarce “General Sale” tickets) and, in turn, provides valuable infrastructure at the event.

So, if you don’t have a ticket yet, here’s your chance to gather a group of old friends or meet some new ones and put forward a concept you’d like to contribute to Where the Sheep Sleep this year. Through creating a camp, an entire group of people can secure a ticket. So no one with camp-ambitions needs to miss out on The Sheep! Hurrah!

Herd Sale applications are officially open! This involves providing an overview of who/what your DreamCamp is, what you plan to contribute to The Sheep and how many tickets you need. Apply by 1 may so you can grab your tickets at the late Herd Sale.

In short

  • Register for the Herd Sale by 1 MAY to be considered for the late Herd Sale
  • We’ll be in touch about how you can secure your tickets between 1 and 3 May
  • Like the general sale tickets herd sale tickets are €147.50
  • from May 3 until May 10 you can buy the necessary amount of tickets through the unique Herd Sale ticketshop-link you receive by e-mail from @tibbaa.

Ticket Aid Program

For every event, we offer a limited number of Aided Tickets (formerly known as Low-Income Tickets or LITs), which are 50% of regular ticket price. These are offered to community members who really need them. What do we mean by “really need an Aided Ticket?” We mean, being granted one will allow you to come to The Sheep; if you were denied one, you wouldn’t be able to attend. Apply for an Aided Ticket by 29 May here All applications will be confidentially reviewed and we’ll be in touch before the 30 May Ticket Aid Sale.

If you applied for a LIT/Aided Ticket in 2020 but didn’t buy yours yet, you’ll need to reapply, as we know people’s situations change. You’ll receive a separate mail about this soon.

Last chance for aided ticket 2022

General tickets

These are a limited number of (individual) general sale tickets – i.e. entrance for 1 person for the duration of the event (either free camping or making your own arrangements to join a DreamCamp).  

General sale starts March 31. 2022 tickets will be €147.50

For those with RVs (recreational vehicles) and camper vans, we offer limited RV tickets, as the terrain allows for a limited number of space. Make sure to catch your spot, these will go quickly. 

Kids Tickets

This event is one to be experienced by every age and orientation. Children especially bring that extra playful note to Where the Sheep Sleep. Kids up to 12 years old get free entrance, but must be supervised by an adult at all times. Between 12 and 17 yrs need their own ticket and only in combination with an accompanying adult who has their own regular ticket. Please educate your curious offspring on what kind of beautiful people in various stages of clothing they might encounter during this radically expressive event.


For all of you ride-sharing by car, a parking ticket is also required. These tickets are also available in the ticketshop.

RV tickets

If you plan on entering with a campervan/RV/caravan, you’ll also need an RV ticket. Extra tickets go on sale 10-05-2022 11:00!

RV’s need to be in de Special RV Parking area. RVs and Campervans are placed in a designated parking area separate from Dream Camps. You may need to walk a bit to reach Dream Camps and free camping areas. We encourage you to build community with your fellow RVers!

An exception is made for art cars and RV’s that are an artyfarty and necessary piece of your camp. (eg. because it’s your sound stage, or your workshops will be held inside). They need to look pretty. No blinking white campervans or metallic work vans. And: you need approval beforehand. Send your request for an art car to art@burningman.nl!

All the dates you need to know:

Because a little list is nice

3 March: Herd sale application opens & Ticket Aid Program opens

24 March: start Early Herd Sale & Ticket Aid Sale

31 March: General Sale

21 April: Late Herd Sale

10 May: Extra RV tickets!