THEME CAMPS (aka DREAM CAMPS) are the heartbeat of Where the Sheep Sleep. Passionate and determined Burners collaborate to create amazingly welcoming interactive spaces for every Burner who ventures through.

The concept is one we know well – like when you and your tribe buy an epic joint birthday present for one friend – by pooling your resources, you’re able to gift in a much more dramatic way.

The deadline to register your own camp has passed by, although plenty Dream Camps are still accepting applicants. If you’d like to join a team, here are your potential new BFFs. You’re also (of course) welcome to free camp. Totally your call!

This year at WtSS, the Dream Camps are putting their finest feet forward and you’re invited adore what’s on offer… You can engage in a stimulating chat at the Pink Pussy Bar, reverberate with the healing powers of a gong and enjoy a celebratory breakfast spread on International Robin Day!

With only two tiny weeks to go (wait whaaaatttt?!) until we meet in the lush green Playa of our 4th annual summer event, Dream Camp brainstorming sessions are hotting up up and away! We connected with a few Camp Leads to better understand their visions for WtSS 2019.

And to our darling virgins, be sure to check out Question 5 – this one’s for you!

We chatted to Barbie Death Camp (BDC), Circus of Life (CoL), Piep Piep in da Corner (PP), Tiger&Wolf (TW) and Walhalleluja (W).


  1. What do you hope visitors/participants will experience/see/feel in your Theme Camp?

BDC: Good music to dance to from our resident dj’s, the opportunity of the gift of conversation at the Pink Pussy Bar, or just a nice sing along gathering around the piano (yes, we have a real piano).

CoL: We would like to stimulate all senses, a full experience with a lot of self expression and love!

PP: Step into our love bubble and let yourself be carried away on the mesmerizing tunes of our amazing DJs. Dive in the chill and cuddle your heart out. All is possible at piep piep in da corner. And if you’re Lucky you catch the Piep piep in da corner workshop…

TW: Here at Tiger&Wolf we try to do something surprising and different every day. So our guests have no idea what to expect when they come by. And this year is no different. Our Arrival party on Friday will set the tone, and of course our annual Leopard Maffia Parade on Saturday will be ON. And on Sunday we have a surprise act. In between? We have DusterDrinks in the morning (come in your fabulous Duster for some lovely Mimosa’s and beats) International workshops and family play time games with a sexy twist. Too much to mention 🙂 Oh yea, and special International Robin Day on Sunday with Breakfast for Champions! You’ll have to come by and find out what that means!

W: I hope visitors/participants will see that we are all connected and therefore feel at home and experience the freedom to be themselves. 


  1. Of the 10 Principles, which is most central to your camp and how can we expect to see it come alive?

BDC: Self expression: we have a Barbie box photo booth in which you can let the world see that Barbie (and Ken) comes in more varieties than the corporate Matel pushes onto the world. Show yourself to all who want to see you for who you really are. So radical self expression is the best one we can think of.

CoL: Radical self expression and immediacy. Everything is allowed, we have some surprises ourselves, but there is place for anyone and everyone to shine. Maybe you want to share your story, make people laugh or give a spectacular show, the spot is yours!  

PP: We live by the 11th principle… all of the above 🙂 

TW: Every year Tiger&Wolf adopts a principle and incorporates it in the theme and our temple. This year our theme is NoLabel. Labels are used everywhere and by everyone to define the world around us. But by doing so you also limit it in ways you can’t grasp. Who hasn’t struggled with the insecurities from being called Fat, Dumb, Gay? Tiger&Wolf invites you to shed those labels once and for all and let the world bask in the glory of the NoLabel-YOU! NoLabel, no commodification, just pure Joy!

W: The most central principle of our camp would be Self Reliance. We all bring our own. 


  1. What perhaps unexpected things are on your packing list for the WtSS?

BDC: Barbies, lots of Barbies

CoL: A circus tent

PP: A duck, a cow, a chipmunk and a butterfly

TW: We will host a workshop from Australian theatre makers on Friday. It’s an open invitation to touch, connect, discovery and consent so we are very honoured. 

W: A Chinese Gong 🙂 


  1. What’s your Theme Camp’s spirit animal?

BDC: Unicorn: increases your inner peace
The best known mythical creature is the unicorn. The slender white horse with the horn on his forehead symbolizes enlightenment and refined beauty. Dreams in which a unicorn occurs bring great happiness to you that can be of all kinds. Unicorns are an antidote to diseases and fears. When a unicorn appears in a meditation or a dream, you can use softness, tenderness and beauty in your life. Ask yourself: why do I need that? What does it give me? Seeing and riding the unicorn during meditations and dreams increases inner peace.

CoL: Rups (Caterpillar)

PP: Well half the zoo as you can see in our previous answer!

TW: You need to ask? 

W: Phoenix – The phoenix spirit animal helps you to appreciate the positives in your life. You learn to appreciate every small victory that you achieve.


  1. In 5 words or less, what would you say to prepare someone who’s never been to a Burning Man event?

BDC: Live in the moment and participate

CoL: Be yourself, give and love

PP: Follow the yellow brick road

TW: Slide..!

W: Let go of all expectations 



A shimmering shout out to the Dream Camps who are opening their hearts and tents to the Sheep of 2019! Let the discovering begin…

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