Burning Man Netherlands
Summer Event

Where The Sheep Sleep

Where The Sheep Sleep is more than just a celebration of community:  it is a massive, immersive, interactive playground that we all build and live in for four days.

It is an opportunity for everyone to be the most amazing and unexpected version they can be.

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Where the Sheep Sleep is an entirely participant-driven event. The participants make the event what it is. That means YOU are in charge of your own experience!

During the event, we have many shifts to fill! One burner one shift (at the minimum). You find all the shifts here


How to stay up to date?

Follow the event page on Facebook. Not on Facebook, then maybe join the telegram channel. Every few weeks we send a big newsletter with the most important news regarding Burning Man Netherlands so sign up for the newsletter here.


Let’s fill our Dutch playa with music, art and experiences! Find below all the forms so we can support your creative gift.

⭐️ LIVE MUSIC: Singers, piano people, musical bodies, we welcome your music with open arms: https://forms.gle/DZG75sHq3JyRwUyJ6

⭐️ PERFORMANCE: Dancers, actors, fire breathers, burlesque beauties, this one’s for you:

⭐️ ART: To color our green meadows in 3D

⭐️ ART GRANTS: We support YOU:

⭐️ DJ’s: Let’s fill the air with your digital tunes:

⭐️ What – Where – When – Guide : Each one teach one! Tell us about the group experience you plan to provide:



The word on everyone’s mind: TICKETS! Since Where the Sheep Sleep 2020 tickets sold out. Go to the ticket page to read what you have to do if you didn’t get a chance in 2020. Read more about tickets here

Remember, EVERYONE needs a ticket to enter the event. That includes volunteers, performers, artists, musicians, workshop facilitators, seasoned burners, first time burners, EVERYONE.

Survival guide

Whether you have been to Burning Man, Nowhere or any other Burner gathering, this guide is a must-read for all participants

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