Festivals are having a hard time minimizing their eco-footprint. With massive amounts of garbage, bottles, abandoned tents and general recklessness of their visitors, that seems like easier said than done. But changes in attitude and media coverage is changing that…

Where the Sheep Sleep doesn’t even TRY to be durable. We ARE! 

Based on one of the 10 principles ‘Leaving No Trace’ really means, leaving the terrain cleaner than we found it. Everything that’s brought onto the green playa, is taken back home by the participants. 

Some tips?

  • BYOC, Bring Your Own Cup; every participant is encouraged to bring their own cup and cutlery. As many theme camps gift drinks, they only do so if you bring your own cup. Resulting in No Plastic Cup Mountain.
  • Metal Smoking Tins; all the smokers out there bring their own tin can (a popular pepper(s)mint comes in an ideal tin) where ashes and butts are stored and collected.
  • Wearing beautiful outfits that don’t shed feathers, pedals, glitter or other things that disconnect easily
  • Leave excess packaging at home on foods, drinks, etc.
  • Do a MOOP-sweep. Matter Out Of Place is exactly that; anything that wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place. Everybody is encouraged to pick up MOOP wherever they see it. And double the  fun by volunteering a MOOP-sweep, where you get to pick up trash AND make new friends!

More tips?


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