Imagine a flowing green meadow that just eagerly awaits to become your playground for 4 days! Surrounded by beautiful trees that are either the entry to a magical forest, the canvas for hallucinatic projections or the natural reserve to find your inner peace.

All of this is Park Berg&Bos, for the second year your playground for Where the Sheep Sleep. No dust at this Dutch Playa, but boy, does it provide!!!

Thanks to our continuous effort in Leaving No Trace and cleaning all MOOP we got the beautiful Berg & Bos nature reserve granted for another year. Taking all in consideration this does limit the use of open fires and amplified music at night.
But do know that our sound engineers are working around the clock to create a special place for our restless sheep, who did not come to sleep, but love to party around the clock! And the team is aligning all safety precautions to make this another memorable burn!

For everything else Need2Know-worthy concerning our green Playa:
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