The musicians of Maktub will be joining us, one of the most beautiful music projects of this last year.

Listening to the set of Maktub is an emotional experience, hopefully raising awareness for refugees all over the world. It’s a crossover between different musical styles (folk, classical, world music, singer-songwriter) and brings something new to the music world. Listen to ‘Maktub’ on spotify

Maktub is an EP containing five tracks: inspired by the real stories of refugees that Roos Meijer met during her volunteer work in refugee-camps in Greece. ‘Dance ‘Till We Win’ is the last track of the EP, focussing on solidarity and creative expression as a ‘weapon’ against war. The EP aims to bring more awareness to the refugee situation that is still taking place but seems to have lost the attention of the media and therefore, of the people. Read more on 3 voor 12 


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