Name: Rose – Passing Thoughts
Artist: Robin van der Mijl
Size: 1.70 meter tall
FMI: check Kickstarter

A weathered steel head standing 1,70 meters high, built out of +90 ribs and weighing +300 kilos that (literally) opens up to you. She’s called Rose and she celebrates the beauty of the mind and the passing of thoughts.

Rose arose from the many beautiful encounters I have had during my life so far. She symbolizes how peoples handle thoughts, how quickly they pass and how they sometimes return at the most unexpected and surprising moments. Rose is a sanctuary for any thoughts you cherish, a shrine for every mind you want to admire or an opening to every head you wish to explore as Rose’s ribs open up and you literally enter her head.

Her appearance changes every day. Because of the ribbed construction Rose is easily assembled or altered. The ribs defining her face are hinged and can open up granting you access to the inside of Rose’s head where you can sit and reflect. 

Yes, Rose is an interactive piece of art in which you can let your thoughts pass by putting them on a piece of cloth, to be set on fire during burn rituals. Rose is for everybody. Rose is the spot for people to write down their passing thoughts and burn them. People who want to philosophize, explore the spiritual, escape stressful work life or overcome tragedy. It is intended to play a role in ceremonies but she is also a still life sculpture celebrating the mind in all its facets.


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