Gespiegelde Hartstocht

Name: Gespiegelde Hartstocht Artist: Ronald Sponselee Size: 2 meter high A big turning heart with small mirrors on it, love each other or yourself   Don’t miss out, get your ticket here!

ART: Medallions

Name: Medallions Artist: Ronald Sponselee Size: 1.20 meter high Several big (120 cm) medallions build out of wood with mirrors on the back and lights on the in and outside!   Don’t [...]

Art | The Swing (de Schommel

Name: The Swing Artist: Martin Venema Description: VR swing Imagine 40 meters of rope from the ceiling and swinging through a giant medieval church. Just a silent moment of enjoyment and [...]

ART: Rose | Passing Thoughts

Name: Rose – Passing Thoughts Artist: Robin van der Mijl Size: 1.70 meter tall FMI: check Kickstarter A weathered steel head standing 1,70 meters high, built out of +90 ribs and weighing [...]