The Charms of the Burn

In the build-up to Where the Sheep Sleep, Dutch newspapers ran an item this Thursday on the beauty, addiction, weirdness and beyond coolness of a Burn. Don’t worry if you missed it, you can [...]

Arrival and Exodus

Arrival and Exodus Arrival Like it ought to be at an event like this, you need to take some effort to get there :-). The site itself is not reachable by car. The car needs to be parked in the [...]

What? Where? When?

Who’s playing? Where’s that cool workshop? Why am I lost? Former editions of Where the Sheep Sleep came with a magical little booklet that held all the answers. It was created by and for people [...]

Themecamp Stories

Fancy chilling out in a jazz lounge? Feel like a rejuvenating bounce on a trampoline? Have a wish you’d like to cast and then willingly allow fate to take over? There are theme camps for all of [...]