The Charms of the Burn

In the build-up to Where the Sheep Sleep, Dutch newspapers ran an item this Thursday on the beauty, addiction, weirdness and beyond coolness of a Burn. Don’t worry if you missed it, you can [...]

Arrival and Exodus

Arrival and Exodus Arrival Like it ought to be at an event like this, you need to take some effort to get there :-). The site itself is not reachable by car. The car needs to be parked in the [...]

What? Where? When?

Who’s playing? Where’s that cool workshop? Why am I lost? Former editions of Where the Sheep Sleep came with a magical little booklet that held all the answers. It was created by and for people [...]

All the Forms Unite

To have the Right Information reach the Right People to make the Right things Happen, we sadly have to use all these forms. If there was any other way we would do it… #BlessedDay But to [...]